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  1. Domino Developer

    Hi all,

    The Takish Workshop Competition winners have been announced (post to follow - see yesterday's Workshop Show for list). If your build was a winner, you should now have a copy of each claim within the winning build in your templates list, and these do not count against your voxel storage total.

    Note: claims actually submitted to the competition will be named in the template window including the competition name. Claims not actually submitted but part of the build will not include the competition name. This means they won't necessarily be alphabetically together in your templates window.

    Example: If I had a winning build on two claims, and the claims were named "Domino's Takish Halfling Tower" (which I submitted to the competition) and "Domino's Claim #2" (which contained the second half of the build, but which I didn't submit directly to the competition), then my winning templates would be called "Takish Workshop Competition Winner - Domino's Takish Halfling Tower" and "Winner - Domino's Claim #2". The second one is just called "Winner" but doesn't contain the Takish competition name since it wasn't actually submitted to this competition.

    Please take this weekend to check that you have received templates for all of the winning claims and let us know if you are missing any. (Flagging the winners is a manual process at present, so for large multi-claim winners it's possible we might have accidentally skipped one.) We will officially end the competition on Monday which will unlock all the claims that are currently submitted. If your claim wasn't directly submitted and therefore isn't locked, then as long as you're happy that you do have the winner template, feel free to go ahead and change it if you want to.

    Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions, great work from everyone!
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  2. Domino Developer

    The Takish competition has now been ended and all claims that were submitted to it should now be unlocked.

    Please remember to double-check that you did receive templates of the winning claims before you delete the claim, just in case!
  3. Domino Developer

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