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  1. Maqea Founder

    SUNSET PARTY by the wall the 18th Feb at 4 pm EST/9 pm GMT/10 pm CET/11 pm EET/8 am AEDT.
    It's the time that works for most people in the world at the same time and when work does not interfere too much. =)
    Come and say hi and bye to your friends and take a photo or two of them.
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  2. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    Just for the sake of thoroughness: that's at 1 PM PST - which is the same time zone as the servers.
  3. Helie Trailblazer

    I hope to be able to be a part :)
  4. Zimnel Trailblazer

    The last party and the definitive wipe. We have to celebrate big!
  5. Sizuma Trailblazer

    You mean there are still people logging in to this thing? Wow, who knew.
  6. Schmetterling Trailblazer

    you bet there are still plenty of claims active it's just that Daybreak thought they would sell more memberships

    what server , what island , what property ?
  7. Helie Trailblazer

    on gallery, sunset wall - maqea's claim
  8. Domino Developer

    I'm being told: Discord channel is discord.gg/gVA4zDC and folks are gathering at the "Sunset Wall" claim (in the gallery).
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