[Claim] Storm Drain Adventure

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    This post was in the archives, but since they have gone missing here it is again, with updates.

    Storm Drain Adventure

    Listed in the Gallery under Silfren.

    Background: Help the grave robbers to loot the treasure from a long buried Elven burial chamber. Unfortunately the mine boss has closed off the tunnel you dug from the drains to the outer chamber and may need some convincing to reopen it ...

    This is an underground combat adventure with some scripting to help you along. Take a friend or two, though it can be soloed with the right gear. There is a reset lever on top of the storm drain cap on the surface to let you in. Then follow the arrow and jump down. If you fall right to the bottom of the well, just climb on the roots, jump up into the water and swim back up. After that the only way out is to see things through to the end. Click on any grave robbers you come across and they may offer some help.
    Note that after dealing with the mine boss you should head back to where you first fell down the storm drain shaft. The way to the crypt and its treasures will now be open.
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  2. Rrys Trailblazer

    What would you consider the "right gear"?
  3. Silfren Trailblazer

    This is what works well for me in most solo situations, but I would love to hear what other people use!
    • Staff of Frozen Sorrow (Water based crowd control and damage)
    • Reinforced Coat of Crashing Waves (Heavy Water Armor)
    • Brooch of the Boundless Eye (Lightning, energy regeneration)
    • Shadowforged Band (Shadow, gives back health from basic attacks)
    • Breeze Boots (handy for controlled falling)
    For Chaos Cave runs (Underground Adventures) I also carry
    • Delver's Grappling Hook (for climbing back up)
    • Cozy Campfire (lots - regain health while out of combat)
    • Greater Lightstone (visibility)
    • Bottled Moonlight Potions (even better visibility)
    • Spirit of the Wolf Potions (great for making that mad dash to the ruins in a long Chaos cave)
    • High Yield Dynamite (sometimes the ruins crystal is located inside something and can be hard to target)
    I also like the shadow based combo-
    • Armament of Unrelenting Vengeance
    • Plate of Unrelenting Vengeance
    with the same rings.