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    Добрый вечер всем. У мне я такой вопрос: Как из представленных модулей взятых на свап построить звездолет? В наличии есть не все сегменты корпуса, я много пробовал экспериментировать, но всегда получается не правильно. Может быть кто нибудь пробовал из этих сегментов что нибудь построить?

    Good evening everyone. I have a question I have: How presented to swap modules combined to build a starship? Available there is not all segments of the body, I have tried to experiment, but not always work correctly. Maybe somebody tried of these segments to build something?
    Sorry for my english, text translation Google Translator
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    i dont understand the question. but yuri wants to send a spaceship to alpha centauri in 20 to 30 years.

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    I belive he's asking for some help assembling Ginseng's Modular SCI-FI sections (avalable for swap on one of Ginseng's sites. I've seen the pieces, but have never used them.
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    Я очень рад вашему тонкому английскому юмору, но все же хотелось бы получить более конкретные ответы, на думаю что это очень трудно.

    I am very pleased with your fine English humor, but still would like to receive more specific answers to think that it is very difficult.
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    I have always thought that the scifi voxel board was more a tool for adding features to ships and buildings and not used to make the actual ships or buildings. To me it seems like you would need to make the initial design, or layout, of the ship (the body) and then add the designs to it using pieces from the board.

    I could be wrong though.

    (I hope Google Translate translates this properly)

    Я всегда считал, что SciFi воксельная доска была более инструментом для добавления функций для кораблей и зданий, не используемых для реальных кораблей или зданий. Мне кажется, что вам нужно будет сделать первоначальный дизайн или макет, корабля (тело), а затем добавить к нему конструкции, используя фигуры с доски.

    Я могу ошибаться, хотя.

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    I think that Zorkon is right. Druzella, did you watch that video in that thread that Zorkon linked to? Ginsan made an 8 hour video showing a build he made with those pieces.

    I can't help any more than that, because I haven't used them.
  9. Domino Developer

    I spent a bit of time playing with this set too and I did find it quite complicated. The patterns on the top of the pieces are supposed to help show how to join the pieces together, if that helps. You may be able to ask Ginsan for advice - he's on twitter - and I also believe he said is working on a simplified set that may be easier to use. They do look awesome!
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    By removing the archived Player Creations/Tutorials threads, all that information is gone now. Sad. :(
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    That really sucks, that was a wealth of information. Again daybreak gives the impression they are intentionally sabotaging the game.