[RP GUILD] Stranded - Ongoing story

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  1. Nix Trailblazer

    Stranded - A newly formed RP Guild

    Stranded will be part of an ongoing story, we start out on an island, where we find each other, shipwrecked, lost, needing to get on with our lives.
    Anyone is welcome to join, either the guild or the RP we do.
    We are playing in a fantasy setting, using Everquest as a reference, classes, lore, the world.
    We all have our roles to play, when we end up on the Island, we come with our own roles, this could be a crafter, builder, fighter, mage etc.
    As the community starts growing, so does the story, we will start building bigger and better cities, go explore together, hold elections for officials, train new
    people in the ways of crafting, building, fighting, magic.
    Everyone will be getting builder permissions on the claims I placed, everyone will be able to find their own plot and start building.
    We will progress over time, and start out with the bare minimum.
    As this is a fantasy setting, there's no guns, rayguns etc, we use swords, bows, and use clothes that match the setting, crafted outfits, adventurer's hiking gear, armor etc.
    Extractors are not within our grasp either, but that doesn't mean you can't use all this when outside the RP/Claims, just remember to change when you start doing things with us :)
    I have created an RP channel too, this is a great way for us to talk to everyone, also the people who does not join the guild, finding RP to do with others, so type /join RP
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  2. Nix Trailblazer

  3. Grumbles Trailblazer

    You beat me to the punch. But a Sci-Fi version will be coming up soon.
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  4. Nix Trailblazer

    Sounds great! always fun to see new communities popping up :)
  5. Odoil123 Founder

    Nix this looks like a great idea, gives the game a bit more depth, seems like great gun, I've been following your updates on your other thread
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  6. Michone Founder

    looks like fun, can i join?
  7. Downwood Trailblazer

    who would we talk to in-game and what hours/time zones does the group normally run?
  8. Nix Trailblazer

    Hey guys, well so far there's only a couple of people building on the beach, but I welcome anyone to join, personally im running European time, which is GMT+1.
    Just a tad busy with exams these days, so my playtime is a bit limited :)
    Send me a PM or catch me in-game however and I can answer anything you may want to know :)
  9. Coraya Founder

    For those interested a couple of us (Myself, Azuree, and Evellin) have managed to grab most of the claims on the east coast facing the island. Since we haven't crossed paths with Nix & co. yet we're RPing as a smuggling operation pulling in salvage from wrecked ships.

    Don't hesitate to add me.

    Hopefully we'll see you in game soon!