returning need a guild

Discussion in 'Guilds & Guild Recruitment' started by Gosken, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Gosken Trailblazer

    returning back to the game and would like to find a good busy guild to learn thr game again from but only looking for a busy one that are on daily as I will be thx
  2. Parthin Trailblazer

    Eternal Destiny is a busy guild with lots of daily players. Look me up in game.
  3. Gosken Trailblazer

    ok I added you my name in game is gosken
  4. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    Ragnarok has people that are ready to help. And some of us are on every day. Knowing what times you play might help to know if it's a good match.