Ragnarok (Mature guild).

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  1. Candela Trailblazer


    We are a little ''coffee-corner-hang out-guild'' for mature people and recruiting people who is looking for hanging out with other mature people, (simple right?), build and socialze.

    We have no intension of conquering the world, compete, try to become ''the king of the castle'' or anything.
    We seek to hang out, share experience, chill, build and chat.

    There are no fee's for entering, not now or in the future, no registretion required on any web page is needed, More importantly, noone is going to rule over you or demand anything from you.

    There are no rules in the guild except for treating others with respect.

    You come as you are. Send a tell to either: Candela, Psaxtiri. Layne, Rondo, Geddra in game, for an invitation, or send a tell to anyone you see in Ragnarok, because everyone in here are be able to do an invite. -You too, from start.

    Bring your own coffee!
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  2. Ladyhawke Founder

    What do you mean by "mature" ? I would love to find a social friendly guild. That word can mean a lot of things.;)
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  3. Xarla New Member

    I once joined a "mature" guild and found that their "mature" was to be able to discuss ---- (adult and child) while raiding. So we do need a clarification.
  4. Candela Trailblazer

    lol, you guys are messing with me right?
    Choose to translate it in the best sense. :)
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  5. Khaleesi Trailblazer

    IMO, It would be the difference of having a chat with friends at a ice cream parlor(family guild) or having a chat in a bar (mature guild). In short the guild chat is uncensored to non offensive stuff based on age?
  6. Ladyhawke Founder

    Sorry, didn't mean to make a big deal of it :) Being older myself I guess what I was asking is it mature as in young people being naughty in chat or as in older people with a little calmer chat. lol that's all I was asking
  7. Fyer Trailblazer

    Thanks, got my answer.
  8. Candela Trailblazer

    Sorry, you took who's answer?


    Please, Take this ''mature'' as a package, age and mind. ok?

    Now if anyone is worried about language, so far we are mature enough to mind it, but by this ad: seeking mature enough that can handle it -IF by occation not... because I'm not going to act like a guild language police, no way.

    Everyone who is seeking a guild have their own preferances.. We all want to find a place where we can be content.
    The question is: would a young person (even if mature for their age) be happy in this sort of guild? Would it be exiting enough with the types of conversations we have? Would it be ''kewl enuff'' for them?
    I don't think so, BUT lets say IF there were a young ''mature minded'' coming in here, I belive there is nothing to fear!

    Keep in mind- People in this guild have families. They are already tuned in language wise.

    So, chill! :)

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  9. Ladyhawke Founder

    I would like to add you to friends and chat. Think we might have got off on the wrong foot. I always word things in a way it's not meant. :rolleyes:

    On a positive note your post is staying bumped. ;) I think a mature family safe guild is a good thing for lots of people and it sounds like a place for me.
  10. Candela Trailblazer

    No wrong foot, you asked a question, noting wrong with that if sincere and your friendsrequest is already accepted.

    I have no problem with any of these post, I thank you instead, you ''sifted'' and brought a small, but cool, laid back and talented group together. Really, Thank you so much.


    We are welcoming more people. No such thing as too late to join -if we are aournd.
    Send an ingame post or friendsrequest to me or anyone in Ragnarok. See you in game.

    Peace, C.
  11. Candela Trailblazer

    For anyone who have tried to contact me in game and didn't get a reply..
    I'm having a problem with lacking the chat tab window, this mean I can not either SEE or reply your /tells,..

    But if you use the mailbox (if you have crafted that or you could use the one at the spire) I will be able to see it and reply.
    Hopefully there will be a fix for this soon.

  12. Ladyhawke Founder

    Thought after all the fuss I made that I'd let everyone know I met Candela and you won't find a nicer person in the game. I did join Ragnarok and found that there are lots of great people in the guild. I would encourage anyone looking for a good social guild to contact any of us as she put in her orginal post. My in-game name is Arrafel.
    Hope to see you soon.
  13. KellyRavenholm Founder

    Looking to join a mature guild, actually.. Am very active and build quite a bit. Willing to help those in need and answer questions any time I'm on ^.^ So.. name is Ravenholm in Landmark.
  14. Candela Trailblazer

    Hello Raven

    Guild invitation is waiting for you in game. If you choose to accept- Welcome aboard :)
  15. KellyRavenholm Founder

    You may need to resend the invite.. I don't think it went through >.<
  16. Candela Trailblazer

    Oh my, if you didnt get it, what are the chances others didn't?... :/
    I'm sending you a friend invitation now.
  17. Selwin Founder

    I`d like to join a mature guild and yours sounds just right :).
    I sendt you a friend request
  18. Candela Trailblazer

    Hello Selwin.

    Your friends request is accepted and a guild invitation is sent.

    Please, let me know if you didn't get it by sending an ingame ''snailmail'' post. I have still not got a fix on the lack of the chat tab window. I know the SOE technicians are working on it though. See you in game :)

  19. Candela Trailblazer

    Due to the chat tab still missing, I have now had to hand over the leadership untill there is a fix.
    Please, send a tell to Layne, Rondo or Geddra for an invite. One can still post me an ingame ''snail mail'' though.

    Peace! (literary)

  20. S4M04NSL4Y3R Trailblazer

    Keep up the good work! Best of luck to Ragnarok! Sweet guild name by the way ;)