1. WhiskyJack Trailblazer

  2. GoddessV Trailblazer

    Great work WhiskyJack! Thanks for sharing :)
  3. manopoliy Founder

    looks good remindes me of my conveyor belt I created out of twinbladet fans they leveled everytime a bit up and 2 voxelwalls where the plyer can just move in to be carried around;)
    It is a realy fun and fast way to move across the claim... maybe you can conect these methodes and add some flinger and other mover to make an automatik claim tour.
    keep on good work... .. . manopoliy
  4. ManInLevis Trailblazer

    Yeah that's fun, I did one of those in beta when those doors first came out.
  5. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

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  6. WhiskyJack Trailblazer

    Thanks for comments. I had seen some fantastic prop movers made by logic pioneers in alpha. Thought I would give it a go with new story tools :)
  7. Shardiis Trailblazer

    nicely done! :)