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  1. Fairan Developer

    Hello, Landmarkians!

    And we do mean LANDMARKIANS. We have a lot to talk about today!

    First off, a bit of housekeeping. We are changing the name of the game… literally. The game is no longer called EverQuest Next Landmark. We are now just Landmark. You may be asking, “Why the change?” Answer: To a lot of people, having EverQuest in the name immediately implies a fantasy game. Landmark is anything you can imagine. Removing EverQuest Next seemed the best. This doesn’t change anything we’ve said about Landmark or EverQuest Next. All the details of the games are still the same. We’re still using Landmark to build EverQuest Next – and we’ll still have areas dedicated to EQN. We’re just simplifying the name and making it easier to understand that the games are different from one another.

    Oh yeah, and to go along with the name change, we’ll be changing over all of social media handles for the game to match the new name over the next couple of weeks. We’ll make sure to let everyone know when that happens and what the new tags are! Two that you may have already noticed are Twitter (@LandmarkGame) and Twitch (

    We’re in Closed Beta now! This is really exciting for all of us. I know that I’ve personally been absolutely amazed by the things everyone has done so far, and it is going to be incredible to see what everyone one does now that there will be a new batch of people adding in their creativity and imagination. Seeing everyone work together is going to be awesome.

    Okay, so let’s talk about Closed Beta and what you can expect. Closed Beta is going to be similar in nature to Alpha, but it will be a longer phase with some of the major features being introduced in to the game. We’ll be adding Combat (which includes damage, death, and risk), the crafting overhaul we’ve talked about on the forums, Player Studio, caves, water (both static and dynamic), loot (heck yeah!), SOEMote, a journal to track your progression, achievements, collections, an improved map, salvaging, guilds, ley lines, pvp, and more! We’ll be updating The Blueprint (formerly the roadmap) regularly so that everyone knows our plans and priorities!

    We haven’t announced a date for Open Beta yet, and we won’t until we have everything in the game we want and we’re sure we’re ready for it. As soon as we know though, we’ll make sure you do too!
    Also, we’re going to start running some contests/competitions in Landmark soon! Keep an eye out on our social channels,, and the forums, and we’ll be releasing details soon!

    Thanks everyone! See you in Closed Beta!
  2. Shadfang Founder

    excited to get into the world and tinker around
  3. Faolain Founder

    this should clear up a LOT of confusion for people expecting this game to be EQN when they get here :) very good change! gonna take some time to get used to all the new names though! haha :p
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  4. Prideaux Trailblazer

    Brilliant move, one less thing for people to get confused over, lol.
  5. Slider Founder

    sounds like a good idea, landmark does not need to live in EQ's shadow, it casts a shadow of it's own already AND it will cut down on people confusing it for EQN!
  6. Scadicca Trailblazer

    It also makes it easier to use Landmark for a Players' Studio environment for any non-EQ games they create which run on the same engine.
  7. fatalmind Founder

    Mr. Michaels should probably update his signature then :p
  8. Torpian Trailblazer

    While I agree that changing the name is a good idea to prevent confusion, I was looking forward to someday playing some EQ races in Landmark. It's a shame to see that part of the game disappear.
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  9. Robobandit Founder

    I miss the arrangement of the EQ theme that used to be on the character select, though :(
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  10. Kela Trailblazer

    The name change does not mean we won't get the EQ races. Or even other races as well. The possibility of races is in the same place it has always been a Definite no until after the current Blueprint is more or less accomplished, then they will think about it at that time and see if it would be a good thing to add, or if something else has a higher priority still.
  11. Thornbury Founder

    I like the simplicifation of the name, and am eagerly anticipating all of the planned updates. It's going to be a blast being part of the development. I stayed up late enough last night (in the UK, 01:00 a.m.) , to make myself a claim and have a good look round. It was well worth it in spite of having to get up at 05:00!!

    Loving everything I've seen so far, and the options for development are so broad it's amazing. Thanks for all the hard efforts from the Landmark Team (especially the community liaison, the openess is much appreciated!)
  12. Farbender Founder

    So I'm going to assume I'll be stuck as human? :( Had been counting on other races being added at some point. Really hate playing human :/
  13. LandWright Trailblazer

    Am thoroughly impressed with the pace of development and how you listen to the playerbase.
    You guys say something and wa la deliver. Says a lot about the talent there in San Diego.
  14. Jaylee Founder

    The name thing has always been confusing. Are we EQ Next? no we're Landmark which is a part of Next, but next isn't even in creation yet? So we're a small part of a bigger thing? Nope we're the bigger thing! I'm so confused! Can I just be Landmarkian now?

    Not rushing you guys! Take all the time you need to GET IT RIGHT! Anything I can do to help (cept shut up!) I'm in.
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  15. Nyadach Trailblazer

    Assume it'll also probably stop a lot of the confusion between EQN and EQNL urmm L, or is that LTG now? hopefully anyhow.
  16. Tuna Oddfellow Founder

    Well I have been watching this over my partner's shoulder as she started out back in alpha. Life kind of sucked us both away from much gaming as she was beginning in startup mode with a new company. Now finally I am here and she gifted me with a beta-key and an all access SOE account.

    The family that plays together stays together.

    I am excited about being involved in Landmark. I wish I could have been there for alpha but I will get busy now.
  17. Grumbles Trailblazer

    Welcome to the ride! It's gonna be a wild one! :D
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  18. Tuna Oddfellow Founder

    Thank you!
  19. Jaylee Founder

    I'm still confused. I see pocket points that continue to say that Landmark is a "building" game, so then why would we need "death" in a building game? They say this is part of next and Dave has shown us images of characters in Next that are functional in a world he says already exists, so if this is a part of Next why are we not Beta testing Next, since it has functionality (at least it looked pretty functional in the video Dave was showing).
  20. Jaylee Founder

    Haven't seen those name on my T.V. but charicature (sp?) is the fashion in most games now. (Although my partner remarked how like Angelina Margoliess my character looked)
    The difference here is that we get to help create a good amount of content.
    Sad point is that this means NEXT is a loooooong way off yet as like Terry suggested it will mostly be tested here in Landmark. Mid to late 2015 I would guess might be a fair idea on Next beta.