Player Studio Update: May 1, 2014

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  1. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    For the last several months we’ve been working hard to update the Player Studio program with a number of improvements that will simplify and expedite the overall registration process, and will allow international players from select regions and territories to participate.

    This work has progressed well, but it’s a complicated initiative and there are still a few outstanding components to finalize to ensure we get this 100% right. Initially, we hoped to expand Player Studio to Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom on or before May 1, but given the intricacy of the program and our recent launch of the new All Access Membership plan, we have decided to roll out international support for Player Studio at the end of May. Player Studio support for Landmark will also come in the near future, but not until we are fully confident that the overall system is ready.

    At SOE, we believe in a fully transparent approach to game design and development. This is central to our company philosophy, and it means that sometimes (like today) we have to come out and tell you when things aren’t quite ready to go just yet.

    We thank you for your continued support and appreciate your patience as we finalize the remaining updates to the Player Studio program.

    Thank you,
    The Player Studio Team
    Sony Online Entertainment
  2. Rawdee Trailblazer

    You guys are doing an awesome job and you really are transparent in everything you do. Not dissapointed at all here. I'm loving the game and that you guys actually interact with us! :)
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  3. Voidlust Trailblazer

    Thanks for the update, nice to see that you will be able to support Canada and EU players, it's worth the wait.
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  4. Elandria Trailblazer

    Thanks for the update! Better it being delayed and fine tuned than being published early with massive bugs. Keep up the great work!
  5. Bearsoul Founder

    Thanks for the update. You all are doing a great job and these updates make things very easy to digest and work with. :)
  6. Shmoo Founder

    Thanks for the update and the awesome work you guys do!
    I know it's just a small country, but any remote plans on Hungary? :)
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  7. Lady Astrum Trailblazer

    I agree, as much as I'd love the UK to be up there from day one, I'm quite happy to see it rolled out and up and running smoothly, and also to see all of the things people put out there.
  8. Xenface Founder

    I imagine it's no easy task to include our international friends, and having to abide by all the different tax codes and regulations.
  9. Ajeati Founder

    just setting up online bill pay for my little bitty company turned me into a grey beard, I don't envy anyone tasked with this size of a project. I don't mind waiting a bit to see it done well.
  10. Cattrina Founder

    I love that things are not implemented if they aren't working. Broken things are ewe
  11. Bumboo Trailblazer

    thanks for this fast information. :)
  12. Krilyn Active Member

    I agree wholeheartedly with this. I can't understand why in some games new items are not fine tuned BEFORE roll out.

    Beta is a great proving ground for things to test even if not finalized. However, buggy things that never really worked to begin with, have to be reworked before being rolled out for testing.

    All this does is provide frustration to the devs and testers alike if a buggy item is allowed to launch before it is really ready to be tested.
  13. luvd Trailblazer

    Thank you for the update Dex, Ceb and I look forward to the launch of the Player studio in it's entirety rather than a ramshackle that needs multiple fixes.
  14. Fantasm Trailblazer

    Blame Canada !!:D
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  15. AdamAitch Founder

    To be fair just the UK, France and Germany is a long way from EU support.
  16. Swiftray Founder

    I'm really dissapointed from this game. I purchased a founder's pack and i still got no items. I wrote a Ticket but they couldn't tould me why. "Wait for the patch". And now the patch doesn't fix this issue. I'm really disapponted.
  17. Itichigo Founder

    is any one actually in the game yet?
  18. Schmetterling Trailblazer

    no but the lunch pad is instaling
  19. Dionesse Trailblazer

    Great news that it is still heading our way. The delay is nothing to worry about :)

    One Question tho'...

    What is the difference between 'international support for Player Studio' and 'Player Studio support for Landmark'? Is the first one for other SOE games like EQII and the second specifically for Landmark?
  20. Schmetterling Trailblazer

    o well at the beginning I had great hopes that I could make some interesting things that other people would like but by now I have seen all the talent out there and ... I am happy for those people that they can get some money out of this wile having fun doing it but I guess I just keep on building on my house ( Mincraft stile ):oops: and have fun with thato_O