Old Timers Guild

Discussion in 'Guilds & Guild Recruitment' started by Shardiis, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Shardiis Trailblazer

    The Old Timers Guild (OTG, for short) is a mature guild. Ages 25+, no drama, all about the fun. This guild spans numerous MMO games and gaming platforms, and has its own Mumble server.

    Check us out at http://www.oldtimersguild.com to apply for membership. ;)
  2. Wildfires Trailblazer

    Get off my server :p :D :oops:
  3. Shardiis Trailblazer

    lol....grumpy "old" person humor, there
  4. Zenna Founder

    Hi, I will look for someone in game for a Guild invite please : ) I was in OTG long time ago in Dungeons and Dragons
  5. Shardiis Trailblazer

    Hi Zenna-
    Get Rhapsodee/Shardis/Balladin on your friends list. Let me know your OTG forum name when you see me on. :)
  6. Mhyssery Trailblazer

    ok heh I have wandered around the edges of this guild for years, mayhap it is time to jump in ;p Chadeaux is in game name I will send a mail or something to you peeps
  7. Shardiis Trailblazer

    Hi Zenna & Mhyssery:
    Please visit http://www.oldtimersguild.com, and to apply for membership. Once your application is completed, we can get you a guild invite in Landmark.

    Please add Rhapsodee/Shardis/Balladin to your friends lists in game. My other invite officers are Thorvaldr and Grakus.

    Hope to see you soon!