[Claim] Old claims coming home again

Discussion in 'Player Creations & Events (Player Showcase)' started by Hopestealer, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Hopestealer Trailblazer

    Valontinian's Navigator on Rebellion Emerald Vale is still being worked on but it is really coming along nicely. Nice to see it in the world again better than ever.....

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  2. stealingfeathers Trailblazer

    This is marvelous - I'll come check it out!

    I have a question for you. I created a little image to add to my signature and I see that you are one of many players that have a great little image for your signature at the bottom. Well, when I linked my image in the editor and then clicked the button to preview it, the pic seemed huge as compared to the pixel dimension that I created it at. I hate to leave it in there until I know better. Soooooo, is there a specific size that I need to make the image? There seems to be no way to edit the html code after pasting in the link. I'd appreciate the guidance. Thanks!

  3. Hopestealer Trailblazer

    Hey there. Yeah I had to play with mine. I think I used photobucket although IMGUR is prolly better. JUst edit your pics until you get a size you want. I'm sure there is an easier way to do it but i'm not that smart :) Add me in game to friends list if you want: Hopestealer
  4. stealingfeathers Trailblazer

    Ahh. Okay. I have photoshop, so there's no problem about an image editor. I just didn't understand why it displayed at twice the size, AND blurry when I tested the image here. I guess I'll have to just post a message with it and hopefully not embarrass myself. LOL

    Thanks for the friend invite. My main toon is Madamenay, so you'll see a friend invite from her!

  5. Hopestealer Trailblazer

    Hey you did it!! There is a beaut of a sig :)