New To the scene and in need of a guild!

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  1. Abhorsen Founder

    Well like the title says i am new to the game, I figure joining a guild would be a great way to really get started. i plan on being very active. and im an all around good person, so, Whose guild is active and fun and interested in having a newbie join! :) Also my in-game name is DiablesLeFleur and im on serenity
  2. TR3LON1ST Trailblazer

    First of all, welcome to Landmark! :)

    Second, due to the fact that Landmark is still in development, there is a certain fluctuation in the community. Guilds are therefore more or less active. I would never advize you not to join a guild, though I would suggest you make sure that you've joined the general chat by hitting "/join general". Consider that a much bigger guild chat than any guild chat you could join right now :)

    I don't know how familiar you are with the game and current activities, so let me just give you some input:

    There is a daily Landmark stream on Twitch at 10am EST (that's 7am PST and 4pm CET - that's 3 hours from now) at This is probably the quickest way to get in contact with other players.

    The developers have recently opened up a winter island that is dedicated to the creation of anything winter holiday. You can find it by clicking on the big crystal of the teleportation spires, selecting "World & Continent Travel" and hitting "Foundation Museums". This is where you'll find special islands, such us the Winter Holiday Party-island :)

    The most important tip of all, however, is: ask a lot of questions. Landmark can be very easy or it can be very complex - learning from others is key to lowering the difficulty of the game.
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  3. TR3LON1ST Trailblazer

    One more thing - make sure you make the achievements for building. You can take a look at them by pressing "J". They are quickest way of getting all the items and all the basics you need.
  4. Pema Trailblazer

    General chat is a wealth of information. I am an impatient person at times and tend to lose my cool. But they have been so nice in general chat with information and ideas, I was a happy camper and still am. TR3LON1ST is one of those who is very helpful in General chat. Ty TR3.