(New) starting steps in Closed Beta

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  1. Smokejumper Developer

    Hey folks,

    If you played Alpha, then the beginning steps after you enter the world have changed a bit. Just to avoid confusion, here's a few starting steps for you! (Also useful for you folks that are completely new to the game!)

    * Mine some copper and craft a pair of Keen Eye Bands (discovery stat ftw!)
    * Go find some iron and the other resources you need to make a claim flag.
    * Make that flag at the BASIC FORGE at the Hub. (The hub no longer has a Stone Forge.)
    * Go stake your claim.
    * Then go back to the hub, make a Stone Forge, and take it back to your claim so that you can make Iron Ingots and such. (Basic Forge only smelts copper and tin.)
    * Build an Alchemy Station, then an Iron Pick, then a Silver Axe.
    * Up to you at this point, but pro tip...consider an Outfitter's Station so you get access to better Discovery accessories.

    * Start out by building a Copper Pick.
    * Gather more copper and build a pair of Keen Eye Bands
    * Build a Tin Axe (not strictly necessary, but nicer than the Stone Axe).
    * Build a claim flag and plant your claim
    * Refer to the post-claim steps in the list above!

    ALSO! Be warned! You do NOT know the progression steps just because you played Alpha. You'll need to poke around and figure it out, just like you did at the start of Alpha. (Example, the next step after stone forge is NOT saw table.)

  2. JayTheLegend Founder

    Thanks! I look forward to playing. :D
  3. Marcan Founder

    cool thx for the info it will come in handy
  4. Daisy New Member

    This is great! So many tips from people everywhere about things I should do once I get in. I've heard to make a flag first, but now I'm hearing to make a Copper Pick first? Hmm.. What to do, what to do..
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  5. Kalerian Founder

    Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
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  6. Kyllien TrailSeeker Trailblazer

    Thanks for that look forward to getting back in. When can we expect the new launcher and can start downloading the game again?
  7. Jaicen Trailblazer

    I don't understand what you mean by Basic Forge. Is that a forge specifcly for the hub? Can I get that added to the wiki lol
    And what exactly it can craft?
  8. Aleris Founder

    Hello everybody,

    I wasn't in Alpha, but will be in closed Beta. Sorry for the noob question but, what materials do I need to make a claim flag? I have a Settler pack.
  9. Gander Trailblazer

    is the Outfitter's Station new?
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  10. ShakaCon Founder

    Thanks for the tips! I wish I didn't have to work now.
  11. Kyllien TrailSeeker Trailblazer

    You will need to check the recipe at the forge.
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  12. Kalerian Founder

    We don't know, we didn't have to make claim flags either, but if it's like the other stuff, probably a couple types of metal and some wood...
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  13. Gander Trailblazer

    we are not sure but from what Dave is saying it involves Iron
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  14. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    The materials will be gathered in game. When you first get into game, you'll want to visit the forge (at the hub, which is the portal at the center of the world). On the forge, you'll be able to see recipes. It will tell you what you need to mine/gather/harvest to make new tools or the claim flag! :) Welcome to Closed Beta!

    Someone is paying attention. :D (Yes, it's new).
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  15. Kaalana Founder

    when you get in game you can open up the basic forge at the central hub and it will have the recipe for the claim flag. It will be basic materials for the 1st flag at least. Probably some copper and wood
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  16. Cirric Trailblazer

    Can we craft more than 1 claim flag? Can we trade claim flags?
  17. Jard Trailblazer

    rush on SC store for copper and iron hehe
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  18. Gander Trailblazer

    will all forges have claim flag recipe or just basic?
  19. Kalerian Founder

    Hmm, wonder if the Outfitters Station can make....Outfits? :p
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  20. Gander Trailblazer

    any thing you can tell us about it or is it Top secret ? ;)
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