New guild: Please fix LM-1008

Discussion in 'Guilds & Guild Recruitment' started by Emirkirol, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Emirkirol New Member

    Welcome to the recruitment of "Please fix LM 1008"

    We're not recruiting but, I want to illuminate this defect in the Emissive Orb Logic issue. This bug has been reported (6+ months ago) and I suspect, will be fix somewhere in the future...somewhere in 2020 or so...This is just to keep it on the books since the 3rd party 'bug' site closed the 'issue' although, the issue has not been addressed or're input and/or testing is needed to 'illuminate' the deficiency. The logic is broken, please fix.

    The problem is that the Emissive orbs return a 'true' output statement to a 'negative' input statement...(see DBGtracker). many month waiting but, no reaction from the devs...

    I can only drink so much befor,,,,nvm, skip it....leave it as it is...<boot to the head> :(