[Event] Mistletoe Madness (Eternal Destiny)

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  1. Maeya Founder

    Eternal Destiny would like to welcome you to build a Gingerbread House or an Ice Sculpture for the upcoming Mistletoe Madness 2016. The Gingerbread sites are 75x75 (425 props and 50 L& T's) and the Ice Sculpture area is 43 voxel circles (60 props and 50 L & T's). Everything must be placed by December 12th. And the event will be held December 17th (7pm est – 10 pm est) and December 18th (2pm est – 5pm est). Contact Maeya or Missbehaven.
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  2. Helie Trailblazer

    good news :)
  3. Helie Trailblazer

    67 is the smaller I am able to do for my Santa Claus ice sculpture: so maybe I will just place the head on a base ;) will see............
  4. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    A circle with an area of 43 voxels would only be 7 voxels in diameter (approximately). Is this what the guideline means? Or is it supposed to be a circular base with a diameter of 43 voxels? Or something else?
  5. Maeya Founder

    From one side to the other it is 43 voxels across.
  6. Maeya Founder

    Just a little update: Everything is the same as in my first post here.... However we are in the process of opening another site for gingerbread houses. SO there is still time to enter a house for the competition and event.

    Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving

  7. McNerdofWar Founder

    Hello everyone! I finally managed to get that Mistletoe Madness trailer out! :-D
    Sorry that it's late!

    Here it is!

    I hope everyone is having a blast joining in on the experience! Build a Ginger bread house, make an Ice sculpture! Enjoy the sights! Just a reminder the Event starts December 17th at 7-10pm EST and December 18th at 2-5pm EST! Hopefully everybody had a great Thanksgiving! Hope to see everyone there, Grox out! :-D
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  8. Domino Developer

    Looks like a fun event! And don't forget to check your forum messages, Maeya! :)
  9. Maeya Founder

    And just in Key Codes for a Green Christmas suit you can only get from the Key Codes so be sure to enter the ice sculpture or gingerbread house asap! We are going to extend the set down time till Friday 12/15/16 SO get entered! For a chance to win a key code!

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  10. Maeya Founder

    opps 12/16/16