Looking for a guild or just friends...very lonely game haha

Discussion in 'Guilds & Guild Recruitment' started by PhantomKaizer, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. PhantomKaizer New Member

    Been playing this game wandering around never seeing people but seeing already established groups on chat. So Yeah if your interested in making a friend im here!!!
  2. Nanny Oggins Trailblazer

    Take a look at the guilds posted here and see which one you think you would fit in best. Then post a message on that guild's thread.
    Ragnarok (my guild) is very friendly but aimed at older people so may seem too low key if you want to spend most of your time in groups swarming over Chaos ruins.:)

    We encourage people to quietly build when they dont want to be disturbed, or group up for tutorials and mining expeditions. Message "Candela" or any of us ingame if you think our guild is for you :)
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  3. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    A lot of our avatars do have white or grey hair. That's not a requirement though :p As the saying goes - "You're as young as you feel & as old as you behave" - or something like that.
  4. Throow Trailblazer

    Not here to recommend a guild, just to let you know, that we are all friends :)
  5. Parthin Trailblazer

    It's a huge landscape that spreads people out. Eternal Destiny is active and friendly if you want to join (21+ please). Look me up in game.
  6. PhantomKaizer New Member

    Thank you guys for the kind responses I am starting to make friends here. Feel free to add me in game KaidenSalvaje. I feel I am pretty mature and looking for good people to talk too trade information and teach me a few things. In no rush for a guild exactly just in getting acquainted with the game itself and its people.
  7. KrispyKrys Trailblazer

    I'll add you ingame... I haven't touched this game in over a year and a half.. So... I need some friends / maybe a guild...