Landmark Update Notes - March 21

Discussion in 'Update Notes and Developer Discussion' started by Domino, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. matt3k Founder

    Between Small and Large humans? *Between* is the word I'm focusing on and were we "Medium" (and Large) before this patch?
  2. Acid Trailblazer

    Why was the decision made to remove PvP? I don't believe this was a very wise choice as many gamers crave PvP... while it's understandable that it's not needed per say.. It helps draw in more players and keep them playing. I'd imagine some people would buy the game just to be able to build their own PvP arenas and or to play some unique battlegrounds against other players.
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  3. AugurDev Developer

    The same two options are available :) This is just a different way of presenting the size choice in UI.
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  4. Rhynthus Founder

    Ah. Ok then. I thought that perhaps we had an option for somewhat smaller than we had before, but, no bigee (pun intended :p)
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  5. jduncan Founder

    Might want to wait til after the show tomorrow before blasting anything, folks. Remember this is the basics of a lot of new changes. As Domino mentioned a couple of times, they will be looking for feedback on how all of this stuff works, and fix/change as needed. What I would like personally to see is not so much what we are getting now, but what the goal/vision down the road is. What is the eventual vision? That will do as much in helping us to provide adequate feedback on what's coming now as anything. Also, what may be coming down the pike that we haven't seen yet with this update?

    That said, I do hope the crafting system allows for the ability to make it more complex. Even if it is all done through a single machine, there is still the ability to provide for huge variety not only in content but how that content is made. As an example ( and maybe I'm wrong on this) but folks had a great deal of fun in the old system with the random generation of upgraded equipment. There is something to be said for the "what will I get this time" element in crafting. While obviously not everything can or should be this way, the ability to do so may go a long way in bringing back some of the fun in the crafting system. And it could very well be that something in this vein is planned for already. A lot of this is "basics" that need to be tested and refined, but it would be helpful to know what some things like crafting could turn into down the road.

    Outfits are now even more simplified. This certainly seems to present the notion of greater limits on something players love to do. LOVE, mind you, and that's decorate their toon. I do hope we are getting a LOT more variety in outfits then to find and choose from.

    On the notion of things to get/find/use, and I will feedback this til I'm blue in the face if it doesn't happen. Put rare/unique items in the game. Make some special items in the game, whether it be props, outfits, equipment, weapons, or what have you, that are actually difficult to come by. Another thing that players really enjoy, obtaining things that few others have. I sincerely hope that we will not be able to obtain every outfit/widget/etc. in the game within a couple weeks of running around through missions or forking over enough lumens. Many basic elements of the game should be relatively easy to manage/obtain. Some should be difficult. And a few should require some serious gameplay dedication/luck/perseverance to get. I don't have a notion off the top of my head how this should be done, but I'm sure I and others can/will feedback on that after we see how these new systems play out.

    Regardless, I am excited to see a lot of this in action now, so that we can get back to some fun, new gameplay, and provide the feedback to make it even better going forward.

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  6. Acid Trailblazer

    Since it was too late to edit my last post here. I just wanted to add this...

    Not many games even have destructible environments.. This is something of interest to PvP game players, something new and different to battle against other players in. The thought of new arenas / battlegrounds being made endlessly for a constant flow of new content (Maps) to play.

    I just feel like removing PvP will cut down the player base and subtract the one activity that usually keeps people playing longer.

    Of course the focus is building 1st and adventuring 2nd. But when either of them can get old at some point, I imagine having that 3rd option would be worth a lot.
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  7. FrigoPorco Trailblazer

    I'm gonna build a wall......and make Daybreak pay for it! VOTE Frigo!
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  8. Pumarah Trailblazer

    OK A question from me about the build sites (AKA: Claims You'll have a hard time getting us to stop using that word)) They noted when we place them, we can shift them to some degree upwards or downwards, care to better define how far up and down we can shift them? How many blocks/voxels worth?

    A side comment: I think that PvP removal may be permanent, they dropped it here, and also recently in EQ2 closed the time lock PvP server with very little notice as well. Co-incidence? I wonder about that. I get the feeling someone at DBG in a position of power feels uncomfortable about that gaming style and wants it out of DBG completely.
  9. Kaeldorn Trailblazer

    I wish them good luck removing PvP from Planetside 2!
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  10. Fredelas Well-Known Member

    I took a quick look into the updated game files, and it looks like we'll be able to move the center of the build site (which is 225 blocks from the top and 225 blocks from the bottom) up 375 blocks or down 187.5 blocks (yes, I realize this is a strange number) from where it intersects with the terrain.

    If you're building on completely flat ground, this is enough to lift the bottom of your build site 150 blocks completely off the ground, or bury the top of your build site into the dirt so that only 37.5 blocks are above ground.

    (This assumes that build site placement works the same way after the update that claim placement did before the update. This assumption could be completely wrong, especially since the minimum and maximum terrain offset are different numbers now. If the offset isn't based on the center of the build site, then there might be no effective change at all from how it used to work.)
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  11. Sawlstone Trailblazer

    I'm pretty happy about this update!
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  12. Curamach Trailblazer

    The things that I like:
    - Teleport UI
    - Setting the teleport point for our claims.
    - Build Mode UI
    - Creature limit is 100 (A lot of dungeons in other games have around 100 enemies so I don't think this will be an issue for most people)
    - Prop Tinting
    - Buildings tools no longer being an inventory item
    - Build settings
    - Camera modes
    - Hunting down monsters for those rare prop recipes (as long as their cool & unique recipes)
    - Goals being more rewarding and some being hidden
    - Being able to either gather items/recipes over time or spend Lumens to purchase them out right
    - Everything about creatures on our claims
    - Chat improvements (Though there was no mention of an official general chat, a lot of new players don't know to type /join general in order to ask questions and find friends.)

    Things I don't really like:
    - I fail to see the necessity behind renaming islands, claims, templates, voxels, caverns, and achievements (Those were pretty strait forward already and rarely required further clarification)
    - Removing PvP (Hopefully temporary, would be a bad decision for the game in the long term)
    - Not being able to rebind the hotkeys for the building tools.
    - Line tool not being able to go 1x1 (I use the line tool predominantly for fixing voxel shader errors and the 1x1 setting is good for fixing a single voxel with out disturbing the surrounding ones)
    - Not having the "old starter designs" being granted to new characters is a bit of an unnecessary change.
    - Removing the "old starter homes" (They were a good way to show new people they don't have to build fantasy/medieval)
    - I understood the original crafting simplification in the wipe last May but now that EQN is out of the picture, I was actually hoping for crafting to get more complex not less.
    - Armor being unified under a single slot (I understand this for now as it's probably quicker and easier for you guys, but I sincerely hope it changes in the future. Character customization is a huge deal in any game, especially RPG's)

    Things I'm on the fence about until I experience them for a while:
    - Getting rid of the underground tier system
    - Picks and Axes having different abilities (Why use any of the other ones besides bonus resources?)
    - The new pulverizers (Do these now give resources?)
    - Preset tags for gallery listing (My guild used "CCrew" so we could easily find guild claims on the gallery but I guess we can't do that anymore)
    - Daily goals (These are usually cheap filler content in MMO's)
    - Weapons, armor, accessories having different effects if you complete the set
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  13. Cosmopoly Trailblazer

    In that case, have a look at the Launcher too....
  14. Dolgen Trailblazer

    I'm very excited about this update and the fact that all prop recipes are no longer just handed to us. Before, when we just had every prop at any time, it was not fun at all. I love discovery and I love to explore and find new things. The more discovery the better! I want reasons to explore both the Chaos Caverns and other people's claims, so new has to keep coming. I love looking at new things/designs/ideas and Landmark always has something new and should only get better now that we have creatures and a better combat system.

    I disagree with the sentiment of some posters above that crafting and harvesting was dumbed down further just so DBG could just erase Landmark. That's silly. Why bother at all to update if they are just going to get rid of the game? I don't see the logic in that at all. However, I do agree that dumbing down crafting further is not at all a good idea. Harvesting plants was very boring though. I'm glad that's gone. But crafting does need complexity, not simple button pressing and viola!

    As for the removal of PVP, it needed a lot of work and I agree with other players/posters here that it is because the combat stunk and has not been improved. I think PVP should be brought back and capture the flag should be added. That's my favorite PVP, as well as open world PVP. With creatures added to our claims now, PVP can be another element that enhances my claim/design/build for exploring players. Definitely bring PVP back if and when the player base increases to support it being brought back.

    The line tool needed to be improved to allow it to make angles 1x1, even if only on the x/y/z axis instead of just a straight line. I feel like changing it to 2x2 will mess things up but I'm not sure. I do know I use the line tool for smoothing down micro voxels (micro blocks?) so that they sit flat on surfaces. I hope this change does not affect that in any way. If it does not, I think I'll be fine with the change.

    I don't know if I like the idea of being able to buy recipes instead of finding them. I'd rather you just sell things in the market place that you can only get there, and have things that can only be found through combat or in the chaos caverns. This gives things more rarity and helps create a market economy through limited supply and higher demand.

    I don't see anything being done to allow us to display things we discover, particularly outfits that can be displayed for sale on mannequins, so that players can come view them at our shops and if they like what they "see" they can choose to buy them from our shop. I really don't see anything about an economy at all and no mention of it really. That concerns me a great deal.

    The new terminology, calling us Luminaries and renaming templates to be called designs, and voxels being called blocks does not bother me at all. I like the change but agree that some of us may not just change vocabulary that has been going strong for a couple years now. I understand the changes and I don't mind them. I'll work on it.

    I like the idea behind the starting point a lot, and naming it Pioneer Island. It makes me want to build an old western town or something like that.

    I love the larger claims. The smaller height does not bother me but I get why it does bother others. I still have this idea that maybe eventually I'll be able to make a bridge that spans between two of my large builds over a body of water/causeway.

    Any chance we are getting some statue props? I want the traditional fantasy characters, e.g. cleric, archer, mage, warrior, rogue and dragons. All in various poses. Please :D
  15. Graysilk Trailblazer

    Thank you for the details on the new updates.

    Big changes and new directions. Really outstanding potential here. I will reserve judgement, until I've tested them.

    I can't wait to log in.
  16. Graysilk Trailblazer

    I do know that I do not like the name changes. It appears they've been changed just to change them.

    Luminaries? I don't glow in the dark, I'm a Landmarkian (clunky though that may be). I like the world name Lumaria, just not Luminaries :).
    I build with voxels, to make blocks.
    I use my designs, to make templates.
    I will concede that site rather than claim makes sense, from a bulder's point of view.
    Nova Tech? No comment.
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  17. seitojack Trailblazer

    Amazing update. Now, let the bug hunt begin.
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  18. Arywinn Trailblazer

    I think its kinda funny given Pax Novus giggles. We claim all royalties of said Nova Tech!
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  19. FrigoPorco Trailblazer

    Well Graysilk, seems we have a common enemy. I do not like betraying my roots either and being called a Luminanian. I am a proud Landmarkian. Vive le Resistance!
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  20. FrigoPorco Trailblazer

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