Landmark Update Notes - March 21

Discussion in 'Update Notes and Developer Discussion' started by Domino, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. Sadorj Trailblazer

    Are you going to do another character wipe? I was discussing my ticket and the GM said that there would be another if not let me know so I can figure out what to do, please.
  2. Kiin Kendov Founder

    I do not know if this was said earlier..
    I think the starter weapons are too powerful. We should not be able to take down 3 monsters at the same time with starter weapon and no armor.. I do not realy feel the need of upgrading my weapons except for a neater weapon-skin.
    just my opinion.
  3. Zeoni Trailblazer

    Kiin the starter weapon there isn't any starter weapons. They are just that weapons you can either craft or pick at your Character creation there isn't any updated weapons at all just here a weapon make the rest or go back and craft guns (western) they are the same you could pick at Character Creation the same with the sword for Fantasy and that ice weapon for Sci-fi.
  4. aphrospice Trailblazer

    Glad to see some movement again. Reinstalling game after 2 years lol
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  5. ManInLevis Trailblazer

    The weapons we get do make it easy to kill mobs in the caverns but there are some mob props that you will absolutely not be able to solo kill very easily if at all. The true tests of weapon power will be on player made adventures. I only hope they make the tools to create these robust enough to create fun content.
  6. matt3k Founder

    Is there going to be a more frequent push of major patches as we near release?

    Waiting weeks or months may not be in the best interest as beta testers will become more scarce the longer the cycles. Sure you'll be able to fix more over a longer period of time between pushes but there will be fewer and fewer dedicated to testing these patches for new bugs (and old bugs) the longer the cycles.

    Or is the next major patch the release, itself?
  7. Sadorj Trailblazer

    I talked to Domino it is all good now. There probably will be another wipe. So I am happy, I just did not understand what was where and when while playing after update and opening ticket that was not explained well. Of course I was mad and should have stepped away from keyboard before my rant. I do not do that on other social media so my big fingers got me in trouble.
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  8. Immortallis Trailblazer

    Curious as to what are the corresponding titles are exactly? I ask because I was a Halas workshop winner and I don't see any corresponding titles in my droplist - only had "Founder". Did anyone else experience this as well?
  9. Parthin Trailblazer

    So now, along with the disgruntled Trailblazers, there are disgruntled Founders because the game changed again. But in both cases the most wanted features were added. Scads of happy new players, now auto-joined into general chat as I had pushed for. This is the right track to making LM more popular.
  10. landmark_forever Founder

    I don't know what to do about that maybe I should try running it at lower settings but I have the min requirements for the game. Unless the update caused it to go up.
  11. landmark_forever Founder

    The updates were good I'm glad I got a few items back that I didn't have before thank you! There are still a few glitches left like the random teleporting, weapon swapping being disabled after death and the lumen not dropping. Also I'd like to say that I noticed when I got killed by monsters on my claim and re-spawned the monsters had already killed me again before the screen had loaded which sucks.
  12. Cosmopoly Trailblazer

    Here's more misinformation for you to clarify....

    On the Official Landmark YouTube home page the viewer is treated to a welcome video that hails the arrival of Player Combat and PVP Arenas to Landmark. And then pitches the viewer to buy closed-beta access.

    Isn't anyone there responsible for checking on this stuff?
  13. Bonypart Trailblazer

    Seems not but the forum posts are diligently monitored. Gotta get your priorities right!
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  14. Kiin Kendov Founder

  15. Zeoni Trailblazer

    back when Landmark was fun.
  16. Hamen Trailblazer

    I don't care what they call it, it will always be Lego: EverQuest - where if you build it, they will nerf it.
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