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    Welcome to a new world in Landmark!

    As we prepare Landmark for live launch (expected this spring), we’re bringing a ton of new features, bug fixes, and changes to the UI and new user experience to make Landmark more fun and accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level.

    As of 10am March 21st, Landmark servers are down for this update and may remain down for 24-48 hours. We'll be doing a livestream to show off some of these features on Tuesday (details here). In the mean time, here's a run-down of what you'll find once you're back in game!

    There’s tons of stuff in this update as well as a good number of pesky bugs we know about and we're sure you will find plenty more! We will be using the third-party fansite as well as watching the forums for your feedback. We also have a list of Known Issues at the end of these notes.

    If you are entering a bug, the MOST useful information you can give us is how to make it happen again, step by step!

    Welcome to our new world -- Lumeria!

    Landmark now has a clearer theme and direction for launch to better reflect the creativity and brilliance of our players and their creations.

    Characters are now called Luminaries and the unit of imagination is called the "lumen"! Luminaries acquire inspiration in the form of lumens as they complete everyday activities and the Lumen Station can distil these into equipment, resources, and knowledge!

    Some other in-game terms are also changing for theme and clarity to new players:
    • Islands are now called Landscapes
    • Claims are now called Build Sites, and Claim Management is Site Management
    • Templates are now called Building Designs, or Designs for short
    • Voxels are more commonly known as Blocks
    • Underground caverns with ruins are known as the Chaos Caverns
    • Achievements are now called Goals
    Getting Started

    • New characters now have a size slider to change between small and large humans;
    • New characters now select a starter outfit which determines the look of their starter armor and weapon;
    • Names that are tied to accounts that haven’t logged in since before our last wipe in 2015 will be unlocked and can be claimed again (Note that as long as you’ve logged in on an account after the last wipe, your previous name will still be reserved for use on that account only).
    • Any founder’s pack items and any marketplace purchases you made during beta will be granted to the first new character you create after the wipe, or refunded in lumens so you can repurchase the items (or an alternate item if you prefer).
    • Remember that tradeable marketplace items, and lumens, will be DELETED if you delete your character, so we highly advise that you be sure you’re happy with your character before confirming creation.
    • New characters will be automatically granted a Building Site, with priority on a Pioneer Landscape as long as there is any remaining space. Second priority places build sites in an underground cavern on a Pioneer Landscape. The lowest priority for new player sites grants a site on one of the classic Landscapes, if the Pioneer Islands are completely full.
    • If you had claims in the world prior to the wipe, you will find that we have created Designs of all the claims that were in the world when the servers came down. You’ll find these in your Designs window with a name that matches the name of the claim. If the total voxel count of these Designs exceeds your maximum voxel storage limit, you’ll need to delete some Designs before you can create any new ones, however.
    • It’s very important to us that we ensure new players have a good experience starting the game. So a new series of Goals will lead you through starting tutorials -- and while this may not be necessary to our already experienced beta players, we’ll appreciate your feedback on whether you think these will be clear and helpful to the brand new Luminaries we hope will join us at launch!
    • Refer to the Wipe FAQ for more information about wipe details if you played prior to this update.
  2. Domino Developer

    The World
    • The new Pioneer Landscapes are flat, have no cavern networks beneath them, and cannot be claimed at this point except by the automatic process when a new character is created. So, be sure you really want to leave before you pick up your Pioneer Landscape build site, because you won’t be able to move back! We’re reserving these islands for brand new Luminaries for now, because they’re much easier for new players to start on.
    • There is a new Teleport menu accessed directly from the UI. This replaces the need for the Stone of Recall, and will offer you direct transport options to home, friends, guildmates, and more.
    • The Classic Landscapes have a new type of underground: the Chaos Caverns. These are short cave networks you can access via the Teleport menu, explore for adventure and find the Lost Crystals in ruins within.
    • A Lost Crystal should be found in each ruin, but you will only get rewards from the first one you find within a specific cave network. You’ll have to teleport to a new adventure to find your next one. But don’t worry, the Chaos Caverns are plentiful and nearly endless!
    • See previous forum post for more details on landscapes and cave changes
    Resources and Harvesting

    • With the changes to the world also come changes to harvestable resources! The changes to the underground layers of the world mean mining resources are simply divided into “surface” and “underground”, rather than the previous five layers of ore, gem, and uncommon stone nodes.
    • On the surface you will find: marble, amaranthine, copper, tin, agate, and sapphire
    • Underground you will find: alabaster, obsidian, silver, iron, gold, ruby, emerald, and diamond
    • Plants are no longer harvested, and sickles are no longer used for anything.We didn’t feel that harvesting plants was a fun part of the game, so now they’re just decoration.
    • Tree harvesting remains mostly unchanged, but all trees now give two additional resources, Tree Fiber and Tree Sap. These are used to make potions and other things that previously came from plants.
    • We’re also made some changes to what resources are free to build with. While terrain materials (like the dirt and grass etc that you see in the world around you) generally still do not require resources to place as building blocks on your build site, but most other materials do. These resources may include the common ones such as dirt, stone, sand, and ice. Since you end up with lots of extra dirt and other common terrain materials while digging for ore and gems, we hope this will put these to good use without being onerous. However, as with everything else, we expect to hear your feedback during testing!
    • Picks and Axes now have different abilities such as increased speed, damage, or resource bonus. Choose the one that suits your needs best!
    • There is also an exciting new range of harvesting tools powered by Pulverizer technology! Look for the NovaTech Extractor series of tools at your local crafting station and give them a try. These work on trees as well as mining nodes and each has an added special effect, such as run speed boost, resource location, and more.
    Build Sites (formerly known as Claims)
    • Build Site upkeep remains the same as before this update. A brand new Luminary on a brand new account will start with a Build Site that remains in the world for 7 days. The Luminary needs to log in again before that time has passed in order to prevent his/her Build Site from expiring. (Expired Build Sites will be removed from the world so the space can be used by someone else. A Design of the Build Site and all resources will be sent to the Luminary via in-game mail so they can re-place their creation when they do return.) Each unique day the character logs in after that cuont towards adding additional time to the time before a Build Site expires, up to a maximum of 90 days. The forum post describing these original upkeep changes can be found here.
    • Luminaries who played before this update will maintain their previously accrued expiry time. It will not be reset.
    • Build Site size has been standardized, and we are using this update to test the new size of 525x525x450 blocks. Build Sites can be sunk somewhat into the terrain and can be floated somewhat into the air, for those who wish to claim a surface cavern or build an airship.
    • You should start with as many available Build Sites as you had purchased base claims (either via founder’s packs or directly from the marketplace) prior to the wipe. After the update you should always have more total space to build in than you had before the update, you should never lose building space. Any exceptions to this are unintended and should be reported!
    • You can now set the Teleport Arrival Point on your site by moving the arrival point prop. Luminaries who visit your site will arrive where you place this prop. (If the prop is not in an accessible location or has been removed, another random location will be chosen.) You can find this prop in the Scripting section of the Props list.
    • Tags for listing your site in the Gallery are now selected from preset drop-downs, rather than freeform. We’ve created some initial lists we think may be useful, but we’ll be looking for your feedback on what these lists should contain as you test the update with us.
    • Gallery entries now include a comments area where you can leave a comment about the site!
    • You can now search for key words in the names of Build SItes in the Gallery (previously, only tags were searched).
  3. Domino Developer

    Build Mode
    • We have a new Build Mode UI! This is accessed via the menu at the top right, or by pressing Tab. While you can bring it up at any time (in case you want to sort through props or other build features), you can only actually make use of it on a build site where you have access to build.
    • Build mode has four tabs, which can also be toggled between using Shift-1, Shift-2, Shift-3, and Shift-4.

    • This tab shows all the building designs (formerly called templates) that you own, and can be filtered to show which can be placed with your current resources. The tooltips display more information, and for still more detail, right-click the design icon to open the detail window. You can also open the full design management list with the L key or by clicking on the house icon on this tab.
    • New building designs are now created by using the + button on the designs tab. If you click the button without already having a selection volume, a selection volume will automatically be placed around the voxels you most recently worked on.
    • This tab shows all the props you currently know how to make. Recipes for new props can be found as you adventure, earned through Goals, or unlocked at the Lumen Station. This tab can be filtered to show only the props you can currently build, or all props you know. This tab also includes some new scripting objects, and creatures to place on your build site. More on these later!
    • We have also added a few new props for you to collect and there should be more coming over the next weeks.
    • Prop categories have been reorganized and we hope the new categories are clear, but if you have any suggestions for improvements we’re happy to hear about them!
    • The way we handle prop limits on claims has been changed. You should no longer be limited by individual type of prop. We can now limit number of props per category. We do not currently have a limit on most prop categories but we may adjust this during testing. Chests are limited to 50 per claim, and creatures are limited to 100 per claim. Again, these numbers may be adjusted during testing so let us know if you have feedback about the limits!
    • The tint tab is a list of tints that can be applied to the props on your site. Many (though not all) props can be tinted so you can color coordinate your creations as you desire.
    • Select a tint and mouse over a prop on your site to preview the new tint; click to confirm.
    • You can also drag the selection volume around a group of props and then tint them all at once!
    • This tab contains the original building tools and shaped blocks, as well as the list of available materials. The materials list can be filtered to show only materials you currently have resources to build with, or all materials. The far right panel of this tab will change to display options that apply to the tool currently selected.
    • The building tools are no longer inventory items that need to be placed on a hotkey bar. They can still be accessed with a keypress by using the numbers 1-9, however, at this point they can’t be rearranged in order.
    • We have also changed the default keybindings for switching between modes and axes. Q = translate, E = rotate, R = scale, Z = change axis.
    • While the ability to rearrange the build tool keys may be something we consider in the future, there are many higher priority tasks at the moment. Experienced builders will need to take a little time to re-learn keyboard shortcuts in your muscle memory, but we hope that once you’re used to it you’ll find the new layout convenient.
    Tweak mode changes:

    • Tweak Mode applies to templates, props, and build tools and we’ve made some changes to make this behave more consistently, and to be easier for newer players to find. You will now see a green button at the top of the build mode UI that switches between Tweak Mode and Freeform Placement Mode.
    • Designs and pasted volumes default to starting in Tweak Mode. Everything else defaults to starting in Freeform Placement Mode.
    • Toggle between Tweak Mode and Freeform Placement Mode with the T key or by using the UI button.
    Build Settings:

    • The small cog icon at the top right of the build mode UI allows you to access the advanced settings. This is where you can choose to display or hide trigger areas, set your preferred Field of View number, and set or clear the time on your site.
    Camera Modes:


    • At the top right of the screen you’ll notice new camera controls, as well as the buttons to toggle grid mode and Build Mode on and off. The different camera types can also be accessed using F1 through F4 and will switch between third person, third person fly cam, orbit cam, and freefly cam. More advanced options for these cameras (such as Field of View) may be found in the Build Mode settings.
    • For the Orbit Camera, holding down Ctrl-E allows you to move the orbit point.
    • These camera modes are intended for use while building on a site.Normal third person camera is the only mode available during normal exploration and combat.
    Starter Designs:
    • The old Starter Home templates (now known as Building Designs) have been removed; and replaced by a set of modular castle section designs created by beta Luminary Ginsan. You’ll start with a handful of these and earn more through achievements, until you have a full set of modular castle pieces you can mix and match to create a unique castle layout of your own. We hope this will be a friendly introduction to learning to build, and we look forward to your feedback!
    • The old starter designs (circles, lines, etc) are no longer granted to new characters by default, but can still be crafted at the Replicator if desired.
  4. Domino Developer

    Things to collect and earn!
    • As a new Luminary, you start with a selection of props and creatures you can use on your site.
    • As you travel the world harvesting, earning Goals, or fighting enemies, you’ll unlock recipes for more props, equipment, and creatures!
    • You’ll also earn lumens through regular activities every day, which you can use at the Lumen Station to unlock additional recipes in whatever order you choose.
    • As you receive loot, you’ll notice it now displays briefly in the upper left of your screen as it drops into your inventory, so you can see at a glance what you’re getting. Details are still in the loot tab of your chat window also.
    • Any activity - such as harvesting or combat - that gets you loot has a chance of giving you lumens and recipes.
    Goals (formerly Achievements)
    • We’ve revised the list of Goals in your journal, and there are now more to do, with more rewards to earn.
    • Some Goals may be hidden surprises you’ll only find when you do something particular, so don’t be afraid to experiment!
    • There are also daily Goals which will be available each day if you want ideas on something to do, or wish to earn some extra lumens. Find these in your Journal (J) in the Daily section.
    • Let us know what you think as you try these out. We’re looking forward to your feedback on how to keep making these fun!
    • You now have a Luminary score indicating how many Goals you’ve achieved. You can see this in your Journal (J).

    • Crafting is now done at the Replicator, which can be found at each portal spire, or placed on your site.
    • The Replicator is where you can use resources to create new equipment, tools, potions, synthetic materials such as lumicite, and more!
    • There is also a Lumen Station at each portal spire, and which can also be accessed from anywhere in the world by clicking on the lumens icon in your UI. The Lumen Station offers many useful things, including resource bundles, recipes for props, outfits, and more. For example, if you want a particular prop but haven’t found the recipe for it yet, you could choose to use the Lumen Station to convert some lumens into that recipe immediately.
    • The Lumen Station also sells many things that were previously available in the Marketplace. If you had made Marketplace purchases previous to the wipe, your first created new character will be granted more than enough lumens to reacquire the same items (or others, if you prefer) from the Lumen Station. (See also: Wipe Q&A)
    • You may notice some things you can craft on the Replicator can also be obtained from the Lumen Station – the choice is yours whether you wish to use resources to make them on the Replicator, or use lumens to make them at the Lumen Station.
    • In the case of some items, what you are purchasing at the Lumen Station is the recipe, not the item itself, so you may still need to obtain the resources to craft the item at the Replicator after unlocking the recipe. The item on the Lumen Station should be clearly marked Recipe in these cases, but please let us know if you see any cases where you find it unclear.
    Inventory/Storage Changes
    • Pre-update Inventory size: 40, max 100
    • New Inventory size: unchanged
    • Pre- update Vault size: 60, max 100
    • New Vault size: 60, max 120
    • Pre- update Collection size: 900,000
    • New Collection size: 24,000,000
    • Pre- update Template Storage size: 6,000,000, max 24,000,000
    • New Template Storage size: 6,000,000, max 48,000,000
    • You can place up to 50 chests on a claim.
  5. Domino Developer

    Equipment and Combat


    • Campfires – for speedy recovery while you’re out fighting, you can place a campfire. If you’re near the campfire while not in combat, you’ll immediately be healed to full. (Campfires have no effect during combat.) All new characters will start with a stack of these, so try them out and let us know what you think! You should have a chance to get campfires any time you get loot; they can also be acquired from the Lumen Station.
    • Weapons, armor, and accessories have a “damage type” indicated by a colored symbol on the tooltip. Equipping a weapon and armor of the same type may grant a bonus in combat. Different damage types indicate a different style of combat.

    [IMG] Fire weapons are wild and violent.
    • Erupt: Successful attacks can deal double damage.
    • Frenzy: When activated all attacks are temporarily faster.
    • Burn: Opponents can be set aflame, which temporarily stops their attacks while dealing damage over time.
    [IMG] Water weapons are elegant and inevitable.
    • Flow: Successful attacks can temporarily increase maximum energy.
    • Surge: When activated all stored energy is used to deal bonus damage.
    • Freeze: Opponents can be frozen, which temporarily stops their attacks and movement.
    [IMG] Lightning weapons are energetic and intense.
    • Energize: Successful Power Attacks can temporarily increase energy regeneration.
    • Supercharge: When activated all Power Attacks temporarily deal more damage and cost more energy.
    • Electrocute: Opponents can be electrocuted, which temporarily stops their attacks and movement.
    [IMG] Earth weapons are indomitable and overwhelming..
    • Regrowth: Successful attacks can restore missing life.
    • Harden: When activated the next opponents attack deals reduced damage.
    • Crush: Opponents can be knocked to the ground, which temporarily stops their attacks and movement.
    [IMG] Affliction weapons are insidious and persistent.
    • Infect: Successful attacks can temporarily increase damage.
    • Rot: Opponents can temporarily suffer from reduced damage and damage over time.
    • Cripple: Opponents can be crippled, which temporarily slows their movement.
    [IMG] Radiance weapons are dazzling and empowering.
    • Rejuvenate: Successful attacks can temporarily increase life regeneration.
    • Exalt: When activated all attacks temporarily deal more damage and all weapon properties are stronger.
    • Illuminate: When activated a shield temporarily intercepts damage from opponents.
    [IMG] Shadow weapons are ravenous and punishing.
    • Siphon: Some of the damage dealt on successful Power Attacks is converted to life.
    • Torment: Opponents can temporarily take more damage from all attacks.
    • Condemn: Opponents can be condemned, which temporarily stops their movement.
  6. Domino Developer

    Creatures on Build Sites
    • Creatures are now available in your props list, and can be placed on build sites
    • Creatures require Monster Essence to place; this is obtained by normal activities in Landmark including killing other monsters, harvesting, and exploring Chaos Caverns.
    • Creatures can be set to ally, neutral, or enemy faction
    • Claims with creatures on them can be set to Play Mode, meaning the creatures will come to life. Enemy creatures will attack players, and may drop rewards! Ally creatures will assist players against enemies. And neutral creatures will simply watch, and can be used to add flavor to your build site.
    • You will start with a set of basic creatures, and will unlock more as you fight, complete Goals, or use lumens at the Lumen Shop.
    • A new set of scripting item props is also available in your props list, including a Text Object which can be used to make your creatures speak, (working on this, but currently some bugs so not available yet!) and Pathing Nodes which tell your creature where to walk.
    • Creatures can also use the Linking and Triggering system to trigger events on their death and spawn.
    • Right-click a creature to access more options such as the creature name and respawn rate.
    • See creature preview post for more!
    Other Changes
    • Previous types of crafting station that are no longer used are now available as decorative props for your claim.
    • We have removed PVP game tables. PVP is no longer available.
    • We have removed Sifters.
    • You should notice improvements to the chat windows; direct tell messages sent to you will now appear in their own separate tab so they’re easier to see.
    • Head and hand slot equipment is no longer available
    • Props and materials named for Workshop themes now have new names.
    • The Foundation Museum islands are no longer accessible.
    • Dark Elf, Kerran, Ogre, Halas, Combine, and Takish Workshop winners should log in to find they have been granted a new in-game title.
    • The Designs management window now has a column that clearly indicates if a design is counted against your voxel storage or not.
    • Line tool cursor is always a minimum of 2x2 blocks in size, since 1x1 does not work.
    • Pulverizers no longer exist in their old form, they are now known as the new harvest extractors
    Known issues

    As noted above, there are a number of known issues that we didn't want to delay the update for, but which you will probably encounter. We're working on these, and have a list of the bigger ones below! We'll also try to update this list with any larger issues that Luminaries report once we go live.

    We will be using the third-party fansite as well as watching the forums for your feedback. Since so much has changed in this update, our helpful moderators closed all bugs previous to this update on the issue tracker and will start fresh. If an old bug is still an issue after this update, please enter it again with all the details on reproduction steps you can provide. We appreciate your help in tracking those pesky bugs! :)

    • Wisps have temporarily forgotten how to fly. While this is slightly embarrassing to the wisps, you can still kill them and they can still kill you, so be vigilant.
    • Sometimes when you create a new character, you will get a message saying “unable to create character”. Don’t worry, it’s lying, and your character will be created just fine.
    • [Fixed]Placing templates and pasted selections is not currently defaulting to tweak mode. It should. (Hit T to switch over for now.)
    • Placing templates and pasted selections is not listing Mirror as an option; in the mean time you can still use the V key to do this, but there should be an icon at the bottom right also.
    • [Fixed] "Local" is still showing as an option to travel at the portal spire, but should be removed.
    • You need to equip starter weapons TWICE in order to update the starter Goal.
    • [Fixed] On a server reset, pathing creatures on build sites will not start pathing again until play mode is turned off and on again.
    • Creatures that chase someone off a build site are not always consistent about returning.
    • [Fixed] Some of the lighting props are having trouble lighting. (Intricate chandelier, buccaneer's chandelier are known)
    • Build Mode UI should turn off by default when you leave your build site; this isn't currently happening.
    • [Fixed] You can only open the detail card for a Goal by clicking the header name, not by clicking the step. Either should open the Goal details.
    • [Fixed] Text of names in the friends list gets smaller if you click on it or mouse over it. Resize your window a bit larger to avoid this until we get a fix in.
    • Several UI buttons sometimes need to be clicked twice in order to work.
    • [Fixed] Props that are free to place are not included in the "can build" filter
    • Teleporting from another island to a pioneer island doesn't always place you at the spire
    • Some caverns lack prop decorations
    • Consumables on the hotbar don't show how many are in the stack until after you zone.
    • NPCs don't always aggro the nearest person on a claim, but may decide to attack anyone on the claim
    • When placing a build site, using mousewheel to move it up and down also zooms camera view.
    • A number of props still have tint issues that we're working on
    • Build site time setting display resets in the build settings (although it does remember what the build site time actually is)
    • Water material has vertical streaks
    • Head and hand slots are still shown in the character window even though there is no equipment for these slots any more.
    • We do intend to have a text prop that can be hooked up to Creatures on your claims, but are holding this back for now as there are still some issues to be fixed.
    • If you place a creature too close to a pathing node, it sometimes confuses the creature and it may fail to path.
    • There are definitely still some pathing oddities to be worked out, we are looking into these but reproducible step-by-steps of particular issues you notice are always useful!
    • Sometimes the tweak mode window doesn't go away after you finish placing something.
    • [Fixed] The teleport arrival point defaults to the lower north west corner of your claim, which can result in it being underground on claims placed on non-flat terrain. You can use your freefly camera mode with no collision to go retrieve and reposition it (or dig down to it) till we fix this bug.
    • [Fixed] It's not currently possible to rearrange the building tools order in the new build mode UI.
    • [Fixed] Teleporting back to a teleport arrival point may look bad if you land right on top of the teleport arrival point marker and get caught in its collision.
    • There may be several seconds delay when placing a larger template. To be safe, wait for 10 seconds or so before re-clicking to avoid double placement. We're working on ways to improve this.
    • If you had previously hidden your Goals watchlist, you may need to re-open the window (click the eye icon in your menu on the upper left).
    (continued below)
  7. Domino Developer

    • [Fixed] Sometimes while doing the starter Goals you may complete one and not be offered the next. If this happens, logging out and in again should resolve the issue. You can also look in your Journal (J) for more.
    • [Fixed] Creator names are not properly displaying on templates not owned by you personally.
    • [Fixed] Templates created prior to this update cannot currently be renamed.
    • The ability to search the gallery for key words in the claim name is not yet fully functional - coming soon.
    • If you receive an error saying "XINPUT_3.dll is missing" you may be missing some DirectX 9 components; reinstalling should fix. See this thread for details:
    • [Fixed] If you don't receive all the items you should be granted when you create your first character (founder's pack items, lunar anklets, year zero outfits, lumens, etc.), please log out and in again and check again. If you still believe you are missing items, please let us know!
    • [Fixed] Setup menu not appearing for creatures
    • [Fixed] Some characters were not being auto-granted newbie claims, and there was no claim flag recipe on the replicator.
      • If your character was created before this fix went in (3/25), you can now craft a claim flag at the replicator and go stake a claim on a Classic Landscape.
    • [Not a bug] Missing Trailblazer vault or flags?
      • If you're looking for your trailblazer vault or flags, these can be found in the props menu (you've actually been granted recipes for these, so you can place as many of the props as you like).
    • [Fixed] Some characters who had purchased claims from the marketplace were not receiving all the claims they should have.
    • [Fixed] Guild information was not being saved, which may have had a number of odd side effects relating to guild behaviour (such as, guild leader would lose the ability to promote people if they zoned, until they logged out and in again).
    • [Fixed] "General chat" channel wasn't working for some people.
    • [Fixed] Some characters had previously purchased inventory expanders of some type, and didn't get them back after the wipe.
      • [New - corrected info] If you had a Mega Pocket (part of the Settlers and Trailblazers packs) then the additional slots this grants have already been added to your inventory/vault size, instead of being an inventory item you have to manually add. If you PURCHASE inventory expanders from the marketplace, these have been refunded as lumens and you can reaquire the storage from the Lumen Station.
    • Steam updates
      • Some people who are updating via Steam are reporting a "disk read error" (seems the updated launchpad.exe may not be downloading from Steam). We will work with Steam to get this fixed, in the mean time you can still download the patcher directly (you'll see a big green 'download' button when you are logged in on
    • [NEW] If you have Root Build Site Expansion items and you consume them, the "build site unlocks available" count does not correctly update in your site management window.
      • This is a display issue only, you did actually unlock the additional build site and we'll get this fixed as soon as possible.
    • See also: the known issues in the post above this.
    We'll continue to work on the unresolved known issues above and keep you updated! And we see you've already reported some additional issues in the dgcissuetracker, thanks for the details and we'll look into these also in order of urgency.
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    Thanks Emily and all the rest of the team, very exciting times! :D
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    • We have removed PVP game tables.
    Is PVP removed or was it moved to another UI element so the table was no longer needed?
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    Thank you Domino! This is really exciting. The only concern at the moment is not having the Foundation Museum Islands anymore. I'm hoping that is temporary?
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    ps....great job Domino!
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    Looks like some good stuff ahead. I'm awaiting trying this stuff out!
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  15. Mynkus Trailblazer

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  16. Mynkus Trailblazer

    I really like these changes! This will be a lot of fun :)
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  17. Cornbane Founder

    I wasn't expecting much for LM after the canceling of EQN, but you now have my attention.
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  18. FrigoPorco Trailblazer

    Aye, its me! The reports of my death were greatly exaggerated. Soon a new Porco Island will be build and then.....then.....MUA HA HA HA HA! MUA HA HA HA!
  19. Portavar Founder

    I disagree with the line tool change, it was stil the fastest way to draw a straight line and the line tool interactions with other blocks are unique and useful.
  20. Cosmopoly Trailblazer

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