Landmark Live: Tuesday, March 22 @ 11am PDT

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  1. Domino Developer

    Hey everyone,

    There is a big Game Update coming on March 21st, expected down time is 24-48 hours. Check out the update notes here, and join us on Twitch for a preview of the new features coming soon!

    Who: Terry "Fairan" Michaels, Holly "Windstalker" Longdale, Emily "Domino" Taylor, and Josh "Augur" Augustine

    When: Tuesday, March 22 @ 11am Pacific*

    Where: The Landmark Twitch channel

    Remember to sign up for a free Twitch TV account so you can join us in chat!

    Have questions for the team? Add them to this thread! (We will also be reviewing the questions already posted in the existing feature preview threads on these forums.)

    *PDT is Pacific Daylight Time; Convert to Your Local Time Here
  2. Serula Trailblazer

    Are there any improvements or changes to linking and triggering?

    I would still very much like to see the ability for us to hide emitters and remove collision on them. Will this be in the update or any future update?
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  3. Babysunshine Trailblazer

    UH, will the game be optimized at all??? I spend like $5k building a beast gaming machine and I get like 3 fps around some builds... >.>

    It's literally unplayable and god help the souls of those on potato comps.
  4. Andesine Trailblazer

    I guess mileage really does vary.

    I can still play at 22fps on my mid-range laptop from early 2011. It plays okay on a Surface Pro 3, if you reduce the display window, and that doesn't even have a real 3D accelerator (that's a loose interpretation so don't beat me, thanks).

    My desktop, new in 2014 at much lower tag than you quote, plays it at 4k with 30 fps.

    I'm sorry for your problems, but they may not be totally the game's fault.
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  5. Skormir Founder

    Show us what you worked on the last 6? years on building EQ next. Give us a short history that led to the point Landmark was born.
  6. ManInLevis Trailblazer

    Please tell us why you choose to make all of the buddy key users pay 9.99 instead of letting in players who while on buddy keys spent money in the cash shop. They supported your Landmark with real dollars, proved themselves to be spenders and you slap them in the face with another 10 dollar fee. I think this deserves an explanation whether most agree with it or not.
  7. ManInLevis Trailblazer

    At launch will we be able to really tell stories or will we just be able to infer stories by placing mobs that wont have much functionality?
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  8. RedAngel Well-Known Member

    Can we get a cannibalize II on what you guys had in EQN? Items, props, weapons, class skills, faction system, mounts, mobs, ect?

    Whats the status of Seamless zones or larger islands?

    Whats the game plan for genre agnostic users?

    Will we ever see crafting 2.0?

    Will we ever get to see a revamp on harvesting trees? (them just blowing up is strange still to this day)

    Are you guys going to do anything for non builders/story tellers? (only a small populations is capable of delivering a dev quality experience and most people will be content consumers. Those consumers will devour all that is made much faster then it can be built and especially so in such small non connected instaces inside the zones)

    How do you plan to make money when the vast majority of people have already bought into this game before it got neglected and abandoned until now? Can we expect content expansion packs for things like modern, sci-fi, ect for exclusive items, props, textures, interactive props, mobs, weapons, tools, ect?
  9. Thrasymachus Founder

    Announcing that Landmark will launch this spring feels a lot like giving it one last chance to succeed. Games almost never undergo major redesign after they launch. It also feels like the only real chance Landmark's ever had has been to help Everquest Next. Now that Everquest Next has been cancelled, is it fair to give its players just one more design iteration before the game launches?

    I know that life's not fair, and you may not have a choice, so my follow-up question is, even if you can't commit any more (re)design resources to Landmark, is a spring Launch really enough time to even get the balance right, of things like drop rates and recipe costs? Or is that something you intend to try to hit during Open Beta, which is what I presume Landmark will be launching into?

    On to something happier, I hope. Can you tell us whether there are any major redesigns or improvements to combat? The ray-guns and pistols in the Combat is Coming videos were hard to miss, so it seems we're getting some new weapons and abilities, at least. Is there more than that coming? What can you tell us about what, if anything, is changing about combat, weapons, and progression?

    And finally, Crafting. Weapons, Accessories, tools, armor, consumables, and even props and how we make all that stuff and unlock and even share recipes. Tell us we're getting something that better than what we have now. Please?
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  10. Kelvara Founder

    Buddy keys are unlimited access to beta. When the game launches, it will no longer be in beta. The only people who don't pay for the game at launch are the ones who actually paid for the game through founders packs. Seems pretty straightforward and fair to me.
  11. RedAngel Well-Known Member

    Do you guys plan on fostering an in game economy flow by any systems or mechanics? Once you cap out your mats and cap your progression in a week you are done and dont need anything else.

    Lastly can we get the proc craft system and artifact systems back for crafting?
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  12. ManInLevis Trailblazer

    Why do players feel the need to answer questions that are posed to the Devs? This thread is not an opinion thread. The Devs specifically asked us to pose questions for THEM to answer. I asked a question of the devs and you are quite out of place to answer for them.
  13. fondantau chocolat Founder

    Q1) Are things like voxel transmogrifier, quest scripting, game mastering tool, full-fledged L&T system slated for post-launch release?

    Q2) When can we start to hear about the new combat system? (combat in recent "dev preview" videos doesn't look like the new one I guess)

    Q3) How many aspects of game development will you open up going forward? Like player-made props/vehicles, models, custom textures/music, emitter, skybox, artstyle, etc

    I mean, isn't Landmark's ultimate goal to become a "game maker" ?

    Q4) Weather system not feasible for this game? Or is it just something that requires a lot of dev time and resources?

    anyway, the livestream can't come soon enough ;)
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  14. Kaeldorn Trailblazer

    It was mentioned in one of the update posts that spawned monsters/NPCs on our claims could trigger things on spawn or death. Are there any other linking and triggering interactions with monster spawners? For example, is it possible to link a spawner to an area so that when a non-player character enters that area, stuff happens? Or can spawners be activated/deactivated through L&T mechanisms, like one would be able to activate/deactivate a teleporter?

    How do the pathing nodes for spawned characters work? Do they patrol back and forth between nodes, or do they stop at an"end node?" Can you place more than 2 nodes to create a more elaborate path (like having a guard patrol around a block of streets, rather than always taking the shortest route between 2 points)?

    Are there still plans to include scripting of quest/story elements in Landmark, using sequences of events and dialogue trees for NPCs? If yes, is it planned for the first or second half of this year?
  15. Zeoni Trailblazer

    [IMG]1, Thank you Holly for everything you and the EQ2 teams are doing for EverQuest 2.

    2, I like to Thank everyone who working on Landmark for the work they are doing and hope it has a long and enjoyable entertaining life.

    And Terry and Holly Like the Picture above I'm always a Dark Elf never a Human in anything you guys Do So I'm Out. Take care and Bye Forever.

    P.S. please guys don't reply with hate I'm saying my Thanks and Goodbyes because I already know the answer only Humans no Humanoid Races allowed in Landmark So if lets say Sci-fi build there can be Humans but No Humanoids So Yeah Spock your out your Vulcan and so on. pass all that I have no issues with Landmark I Have enjoyed it and yes I have gotten my money worth and Thank you. it's Character Creation if you wanted a Question the limited selection of it but like I said I know the answer it was ask in Alpha and the same goes now multi worlds limited to 1 Race that is Landmark.
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  16. Aelious Trailblazer

    I wouldn't go anywhere quite yet. Other than Human and Barbarian (yeah I know, "larger Humans" ;)) the other race that has been shown the most is DE. Models have been seen for them along with Kerrans and Kobolds. That doesn't mean there will be different player races yet, if at all, but ironically DE would be the most likely IMO. With that in mind:


    1) Will there be any more races introduced in Landmark and if so which ones?

    2) How difficult will we be able to make placed characters? Solo? Group? Raid? How would we be able to control it, UI?

    3) What will progression look like from an adventure standpoint?

    Thanks and I look forward to the stream!
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  17. Zeoni Trailblazer

    Aelious thank you but I already know . They said the other Races would be preservered for EQN in Alpha, and in Beta that is 1 Reason this isn't called EverQuest LandMark it has nothing to do with EQ at all .. Now that they cancelled EQN that doesn't mean they have switch to putting them here at all now or in the future. Sadly we are getting nothing from EQN .. no race, no classes, no Zones, No homes this is a building game and that's it! sorry right now I say Landmark a sandbox game because it will not sell as Just a building game. and right now I'm ending this by saying Thanks but I already Cried for 3 months over a game. Wishing all Daybreak Games the best.
  18. Daddio Trailblazer

    1. Will there be premium NPC's purchased through the Daybreak Cash shop?
    2. If I collect 1 NPC can I then make/craft as many as I want? (like learning a recipe?)
    3. Will I be able to have these NPC's talk in a chat or a pop up window for the story telling in my scripted adventures?
    4. To use LANDMARK to make player made films, may we get the ability to transform our look into a selected NPC for real life acting?
    5. Can I make myself a body double, clone of me, NPC to use in my adventures as a guide?

    Thanks for reading!
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  19. Serula Trailblazer

    Did the plan and goals for Landmark change with the cancellation of EQN and how does it affect the future development of landmark?

    Are the same assets that didn't work for EQN now put into landmark? How will that work for Landmark where it failed for EQN?
  20. Sabea Trailblazer

    I agree, why can't we have other races, is it possible to be able to alter facial features for instance so a beard can be long, figure stocky (dwarf), skin dark hair white (Dark Elf) for 2 instances. Or even premade if we can't change features.

    I am not leaving as yet, I will give the new version a few months before I do that, but I would like to see this game being just a little more so Elves could fight Orcs etc and look a little like their favoured species.

    And crying over a game, I just don't do that, life is not worth it, if Daybreak want to kill their creations that's that's their choice and hard luck.........
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