Landmark Launches June 10th!

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  1. Legion Community Team

    UPDATE: Launch will be at 12:00PM (Noon) Pacific Time on Friday, June 10th.


    Attention Luminaries!

    We’ve been building to this moment for quite some time and we’re happy to announce it’s almost here! Landmark will officially launch on Friday, June 10th.

    If you have been participating in the Alpha and Closed Beta of Landmark as a Trailblazer, an Explorer, or a Settler Founder’s Pack holder, you will have automatic access to Landmark at launch. For those who played on a shareable beta key, or those who have not ventured into the game yet, it will be available for USD $9.99 on launch day.

    For the committed Trailblazers* among you, don’t forget you have an additional 48-hour head start to scope out and stake your claim on your favorite build sites. The Trailblazer Head Start is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8th at 10AM Pacific.

    The last day to purchase any of the Landmark Founder’s Packs is Monday, June 6th at 10AM PDT. Don’t miss YOUR chance to pick up any of these packs or the special perks that are parts of any of those packages.

    Also for our Trailblazers who spent this development process making your mark in game, now make your mark by adding your name to the Landmark credits! In order for your name to be displayed in our list, you must opt-in. To add your name to the Landmark credits, please click here. Don’t miss out! You have until 11:59PM Pacific on Thursday, June 30, 2016.**

    Have questions about what the launch wipe means for you? Be sure to read our full Q&A here.

    A full FAQ will be posted closer to launch. Have any pressing questions? Please leave them in the comments section below.

    * The 48-hour head start is only available to the purchaser of the Trailblazer pack; it does not apply to those who redeemed a shareable buddy key.

    **The name in the Landmark credits is only available to the purchaser of the Trailblazer pack; it does not apply to those who redeemed a shareable buddy key.
  2. Idrona Trailblazer

    *Polishes claim flags*
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  3. Nordri Trailblazer

    oh well... :(
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  4. stargemsm Trailblazer

    Two questions. 1) if the game goes live on the 10th and early in is the 8th, when is the final wipe and server down times? 2) will there be a LandMark live on twitch prior?
  5. BuilderX Trailblazer

    Puts on backpack and grabs we go...
  6. Needlehawk Trailblazer

    I can't get those days off, but I'll be racing home on Wednesday for lunch to throw my claim flags down!

    Question: Will we be able to download the game early so we can get started right away?
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  7. Yukitora Trailblazer

    In game economy would be great o_O
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  8. Idrona Trailblazer

    I would like to add: Let's try be positive guys. It can be a good thing to get this launch on the way. More pressure on devs to fix stuff I think, and I'm sure they have plans. Unless, they just launch it and say "Sail or sink" but I don't want to think like that + we got Domino, nuff said! :)
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  9. urbansheople Trailblazer

    yay finally the waiting was killing me.. now i can hatch my plans for building at launch. It will be fun now that I know my stuff wont be erased. I am so slow in building cause i walk away from the pc every 20 minutes to stretch my legs that I figured i would get stuff done just in time for it to be wiped away again ^^.

    Anyhow see everyone at launch (those of us who are going to continue on)
  10. WhiskyJack Trailblazer

    Congrats on picking launch date !
  11. Pwna Trailblazer

  12. Beowolf Trailblazer

    I wish I could say I was happy , I have no plans to play or sell any of the stuff I made. Enjoy!

    " May Truth find your mind fertile when you find it" Lowell D. Williams ( AKA Armegedionwolf )
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  13. Dally Trailblazer

    Best of luck! So excited =]
    And thanks for all your hard work.
  14. Wartai Trailblazer

    I've been waiting for this announcement to come ...
    I hope they add a setting so chat never fades before then, alot of people dont like it fading like this...
  15. twistedsoul Trailblazer

    I am glade also to get the wipe out of the way. )
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  16. Thrasymachus Founder

    Good luck! And I mean that sincerely.
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  17. FrigoPorco Trailblazer

    You all realize that they don't even have building textures for half of the materials right?

    food for thought........
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  18. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    [IMG] [IMG][IMG]
    • Is there a way for us to double-check ourselves? Maybe a posted list?
    • What is the significance of LM launching on June 10 but the credits not going up until June 30?
    • Yup - probably one of the most important questions. Along with what we get to keep & what we have to leave behind. And if there are going to be substantial changes to the geography - which would mean there's not much point in templating certain kinds of builds.
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  19. Ohnix Trailblazer

    Yipee. Always been looking forward to this :). Now to coax a couple EQII friends into seeing what we've helped create ;); well I mean since they are already AllAccess it will be much easier to entice them into checking it out :cool:. Congratz to the Dev Team on this important milestone. And thanks to Domino, Dexella and Legion for helping to keep us all informed.
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  20. Melkurion Trailblazer

    I was looking for things that happened in history on June 10th, admittedly looking for good things:

    671 Emperor Tenji of Japan introduces a water clock (clepsydra) called Rokoku.
    1703 St. Petersburg founded by Peter the Great (For Druxella)
    1941 Bismarck sunk by Royal Navy
    2003 – The Spirit rover is launched, beginning NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission.

    We will leave some of the other things that happened on June 10 in the dustbin of history where they belong.

    Personally, I hope to be teaching my great grandchildren how to play the game someday. How's that for optimism?
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