[Video] Landmark Launch Day! A Two Year Retrospective

Discussion in 'Player Creations & Events (Player Showcase)' started by BuzWeaver, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. BuzWeaver Founder

    Thank you to all the community members, developers and everyone who took part in the Alpha/Beta. Its been an incredible experience. I've put this video together to express my thanks to everyone who was a part of this amazing game development.

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  2. TR3LON1ST Trailblazer

    Well done BuzWeaver :)
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  3. HalasRadar Founder

    Thank you for focusing on the wide spectrum of talent on the build sites.
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  4. BuzWeaver Founder

    Thanks guys. The total number of videos I did for Landmark came to 96. That includes the tours and building with Draconious.
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  5. Zimnel Trailblazer

    Good work! Loved the vid : )
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  6. BuzWeaver Founder

    I'm happy to hear that Zim. I appreciate your support. Happy hunting for some real estate today. :)
  7. Zimnel Trailblazer

    Oh I did! Still a few hours of headstart :D
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  8. BuzWeaver Founder

    Although I wasn't able to start playing till Friday I'm incredibly happy with a spot I found for my claim.
  9. terrisus Trailblazer

    It's hard to believe that, after all this time, the official launch is finally here.
    Despite having had access to the beta since early on, I've mainly been waiting on the final release, to be able to really begin to explore.

    I wish that "EverQuest" were still part of the title, but I realize why it's not.
    Still, having played EverQuest since before the first expansion, I'm definitely excited to see what creations are made in Landmark

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  10. Domino Developer

    Thanks, what a great retrospective. Good memories! :)
  11. Bashin Trailblazer

    Congrat ! no show off at all , simple things assembled with a pretty informative way , great vulgarised resume that everyone will easely understand.

    real life not going well actually and made me quite negative but you been able to cheer me up a bit , Tank you !
  12. GoldDraco13 Trailblazer

    Excellent video my brother, so many great memories, still lots to come!