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Discussion in 'Update Notes and Developer Discussion' started by Domino, May 6, 2015.

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  1. Astrée Trailblazer

    Nice improvments to the general shapes :)

    I know where I'm going to seek a spot, but I won't tell you, so it remains free untill I claim it :p
  2. Myhrea Trailblazer

    Great now I know where I will be staking my claim.
  3. kahleesiGreenlee Founder

    Thanks for all your hard work and the maps make is easer... :)
  4. Helie Trailblazer

    All that looks good :)
    Thx for this post Domino
  5. Coldforge_01 Trailblazer

    Am I'm the only one wondering why the land masses are all circular with random mountains and water though them. I mean their not very different from one to the other.
  6. Tarmuar_TT Trailblazer

    Where are the outer islands? :eek:

    Never mind, found em, whew.
  7. Zaxzia Trailblazer

    I think there is a lot you can't see from the map. Is the general outline similar? Yes, but things like the ravines from the surface caves and such you can't see. I love how varied they are. Also keep in mind that they are limited in options for shape when stuck in a single map size if they want at least a certain amount of land.
  8. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    That is some seriously nice places and the number of Islands seems good to. If there is a huge influx of people in the future it must be easy to add Islands. The Island size is still very good for LM.
  9. LuucEarth Founder

    I love the amount of inland waterways they have added to some of the maps
  10. Astrée Trailblazer

    They need to fit in the square world. Seems the square is the same, but there is much less sea.

    No, in fact, they need to fit in a cube, don't forget you can dig ;)
  11. jduncan Founder

    Maybe it's just me, but the procedural generator, from this level anyway, still seems to be creating rather overly mountainous terrain. Hope there's more flat areas this time around. Will see soon I suppose. :)
  12. Bakuryu Active Member

    Thanks for posting this. Got it down to two islands for my main large claim. Think I'll have to see the islands in person though to decide. :D
  13. morrythunder Trailblazer

    These map are much improved from the old ones. Hopefully they aren't has hilly (although they seems to be just as worst as before, lol).

    Might try to take a spot on a Singed Timbers, unless I don't like Decidious (my favorite biome is Old Growth so far, it might change...or not). Also, Ancient Crag looks awesome for "tower at the top of the snowy mountains" panorama.
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  14. Dwarven Priest Member

    I just got my key and looking at these maps I can see 30 places right now I could settle! I never imagined the maps would be so diverse with scattered islands even! Oh, if I could find a mountain or a volcanic area with an island off the coast that I might eventually be able to connect, now that would be a truly unique place!

    I guess I will have to work on a signature. Any suggestions anyone? I see some comments from great works, of which I am a TRUE fan and avid reader, re-reading The Twelve Caesars right now, the original, not the modern version. Maybe something from Tacitus or Marcus Aurelius?

    I am really looking forward to getting into the game. I listen more than I talk so I'm not the best TeamSpeak person but when I do talk I try to make it interesting, helpful or seek help on an issue. Since I know absolutely nothing, I have a feeling I might need a small point here and there but I have nothing but time to put into what seems to be the answer to my gaming dreams. I'm so excited to see the servers come up!

    I saw on the forum mention of guilds. I plan on being a builder but I love to swing a pick or an axe so I have a feeling I will be doing some harvesting.

    Sorry, I am off the thread, just excited.

    See you soon hopefully future neighbors! You will likely see me in high, hidden, lonely places where he wind brings the sounds of the world for me to listen to.
  15. Dwarven Priest Member

    I wish we could look a little closer as some of those islands, the way they are positioned would make a wonderful offshore "nation" if they banded together, if that is possible.
  16. Odano Trailblazer

    I'm not seeing what looks to be flat land. Can we PLEASE get some buffer-sized areas with a ZERO DEGREE incline or decline? Does everything ******have****** to be mountainous? The desert areas look to be a little better, but maybe we'd like to build in deciduous aeas on FLAT land?
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  17. Zapranoth Trailblazer

    Actually, from these 60,000 ft aerial reconnaissance photos, I detect more flat areas than we've ever had before! Me? I'm a mountain person, but I do understand the need for flat areas. Also, I don't think the islands are as... severe... with slopes as the old ones.

    Thanks for the sneak peek! I now have a list of areas to scout more closely :cool:

  18. Starburst Founder

    Ahhh, how am I supposed to choose with so much variety? I love it. I also find some of the unique combinations intriguing like burning frostlands (volcanic/tundra) and windy barrens (desert/tundra). So much to explore! I will have to work hard on achievements to allow me the 8 base claims/24 attached claims options. How else am I to build where I want? I certainly can't choose just one place. :rolleyes:
  19. Queamin Founder

    Bah you took my name you will not take my claim :mad:. jk.

    My first EQ1 toon in april99 was called Starburst but that soon change when opal fruits became Starburst I got fed up with all the jokes so I took Queamin as my main, thinking no company will call their sweets Queamin :confused:.
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  20. SheduMan Trailblazer

    Awesome job you guys!!!!!!!
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