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Discussion in 'Update Notes and Developer Discussion' started by Domino, May 6, 2015.

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  1. Domino Developer

    Arid Thicket ......... Jungle & Desert

    Snowcapped Wilds ......... Jungle & Tundra

    Whistling Tangle ......... Jungle & Old Growth

    Forgotten Hills ......... Jungle & Deciduous

    Roaring Scars ......... Jungle & Volcanic

    Windy Barrens ......... Desert & Tundra

    Ancient Crag ......... Desert & Old Growth

    Hidden Bluffs ......... Desert & Deciduous

    Lost Caldera ......... Desert & Volcanic

    Lonely Glacier ......... Tundra & Old Growth
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  2. Domino Developer

    Silver Shallows ......... Tundra & Deciduous

    Burning Frostlands ......... Tundra & Volcanic

    Singed Timbers ......... Deciduous & Volcanic

    Emerald Vale ......... Deciduous & Old Growth

    Sleeping Ridge ......... Old Growth & Volcanic

    Twisted Shoreline ......... Jungle & Desert

    Endless River ......... Jungle & Tundra

    Winding Creek ......... Jungle & Deciduous

    Shattered Cliffs ......... Jungle & Volcanic

    Frigid Steppes ......... Desert & Tundra

    Timeworn Dunes ......... Desert & Old Growth

    Singing Mesa ......... Desert & Deciduous

    Golden Sands ......... Desert & Volcanic

    Grand Fjord ......... Tundra & Old Growth
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  3. Littleman Trailblazer

    Awww yisssssssss.

    ...Now to pick a tundra/desert or tundra/ancient island...

    Thinking Ancient Crag and Timeworn Dunes. They're cheating and have three biomes technically. The snow capped mountains are a nice touch.
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  4. Domino Developer

    Yep! The two biomes listed are the primary biomes, but of course they all have the water biome, various caves, and sometimes bits like snow :)
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  5. Zadira Kindleriver Trailblazer

    WOW! Thanks Domino!! You rock! :D
  6. Zorkon Trailblazer

    Sweet! Thanks Domino
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  7. Karrane Trailblazer

    Thanks ! I think I see where I want to look :)
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  8. Zadira Kindleriver Trailblazer

    I never paid attention before the update. Are all islands the same on the different servers? For instance, will Courage/Singing Mesa be identical to Confidence/Singing Mesa?

    I wish I had paid better attention. :rolleyes: :)
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  9. Graysilk Trailblazer

    Thank you thank you Domino.
    This is great.
    I was reading the list and checking which would be my new home. This helps so much more.

    Edit: I've chosen 6 to explore and consider to start. I will eventually cull that down to 3 permanent, I think. More exploring later when I'm settled a bit.
  10. Decalin Trailblazer

    Just to explore them all sounds wonderful - so much diversity now. Love them.
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  11. twistedsoul Trailblazer

    Thanks!!! love you Domino.
  12. Zaxzia Trailblazer

    Is it just me or do some of them, like singing mesa have spots of jungle? Like the scattered snow? Also on the shorelines of just a few, is that desert, deciduous, or just ocean floor?
  13. bluestar Trailblazer

    To answer in the old game yes the islands of the same name on every server where the same as the on all other.
    You could go to any server and go to the island of the same name that your claim is on on your home server and find your way around it they where that exactly alike.
  14. Druidsfire Trailblazer

    Commence gleeful cackling and plottyplotty noises.

    Also, major kudos to the team for creating these varied beauties. I think y'all knocked it out of the park. I'm especially happy that the island whose name is most appealing to me is also the one whose map stuck out to me the most. My phoenix statue will go there once I have the mats to rebuild it. :)
  15. bluestar Trailblazer

    :eek: Oh my gosh oh my gosh how will I explore all those new island plus the caves before anyone else! :D
    I want to be the first to discover the new stuff (snickers quietly to my self of in a corner):p
  16. Molina Founder

    THANK YOU Emily!

    I want to live everywhere lol.
    But I'll figure something out :)
  17. Ashral Trailblazer

    *drools*.........omg....I seriously can't wait!:p
  18. Emirkirol New Member

    I'm curious. How much larger (land mass-wise, not taller) are the islands (10,20,50%, etc.) compared to the previous islands? They indicated that the new isles would be larger but, map pictures make it difficult to tell.

    I made a excel pivot table of the variations and like the, there is so much beach front property.
  19. daGELLO Trailblazer

    I'm really liking the look of Shattered Cliffs. I might go there instead.
  20. Fredelas Well-Known Member

    The islands still appear to have the same extent, but the landmass extends closer to the edges now than it did before. There's just less ocean around the edges now.
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