Landmark is now available on Steam!

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Dexella, May 13, 2014.

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  1. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    Landmark is now available on Steam! You can find us on the "Early Access" page of their interface.

    If you own Landmark already, you do not need to purchase it again. If you like the Steam interface for organizing your games on your PC, then you can choose "ADD A GAME" (in the lower, left corner of their interface), then click "Add a Non-Steam Game" and then add "Landmark Beta" to your Steam Library.

  2. Nazdrowie Trailblazer

    Wait, I have to buy it again just to play on Steam? I'd prefer to play on Steam because of the convenience and added social experience, but I certainly won't pay any more money for the privilege.

    Adding it as a "non Steam game" isn't really the same as having it on Steam. Achievements obviously won't work when those are in place, and sometimes the overlay acts wonky.

    I suppose this will all be sorted out when the game is in open beta, but for now it's a little disappointing as someone who's already bought in.
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  3. Synvares Founder

    Why not just give steam keys out for those who have paid?
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  4. Sancho Trailblazer

    Whoa nice! Quick someone try it on a linux box running the beta steam OS and see how it does. Would love to play Landmark on my couch for a change.
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  5. Verneo Founder

    I thought this might be an issue - It will be resolved no doubt when the title comes out of early access. Similar to what happened with Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.
  6. OneFiftyFour Trailblazer

    Steam overlay doesn't work, when using add non steam game
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  7. Synvares Founder

    Thats the reason for me saying why not just give steam keys to those who purchased the package
  8. Verneo Founder

    Because Steam. Early access titles that start with pre-paid accounts generally have to wait until the game comes out of early access for the 'free to play' instant download section to be made available.

    It's a business decision on Valves part as it allows for people to 'double up' on early access if your impatient enough & prevents those who haven't paid Valve a penny getting free bandwidth downloads. It's give and take; it sucks, but both parties kind of have their hands tied unless one gives up a sum of money. Which is not a good idea.
  9. Idrona Trailblazer


    I prefer playing without, but it's good for business and those who uses it often. :)
  10. LandWright Trailblazer

    Is this going to cause the same problems that PlanetSide2 has with one build being up on steam and causing issues with anyone using Steam's validate assets causing them to download outdated bits or did you guys think this through and link to the patcher to avoid this issue?
  11. Dire Phoenix New Member


    Adding non-Steam titles to your Steam launcher is not the same as actually getting the game from Steam. At best, it only tells your Steam friends that you're playing a non-Steam game. The overlay doesn't work, Steam achievements won't work, and well, a bunch of stuff you'd expect from a Steam install just doesn't work. I'm not sure why we can't just download the client software through Steam. It's not like we would be able to log in unless we had a valid access on our account from SOE anyway.
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  12. Jägerbomber Founder

    I know all about adding non-Steam games, and I did it with Landmark when it first launched. The only reason I would like to have it directly through Steam is to have the game files in with my other Steam games. I think we should be given Steam keys, but I guess we'll have to wait until it goes F2P.
  13. Onus Trailblazer

    I Kickstarted TUG, which eventually went to Steam. They issued keys to us after we had been playing. So, it's possible. I'll gladly wait to see what happens.
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  14. Verneo Founder

    Was it put forward through GreenLight or Early Access?
  15. Mavol Trailblazer

    I would prefer a steam key to have it in my library if possible :)
  16. 007andahalf Founder

    euhm so where can i download it now? i needed to reinstal the game but i can't find a download link for it anywhere. so how am i supposed to ad this game to steam without paying for it again
  17. Cosmopoly Founder

    Why is it listed in both "Free to Play" and "Early Access"?
  18. Synvares Founder

    Because landmark is a F2P game but is in early access aka beta games that are in early access on steam are in beta and you can pay to have it early.

    What they need to do is send out keys to those who paid so that steam overlay can be used, people don't use steam just for they overlay they use it for game organization as well.
  19. Onus Trailblazer

    I'm fairly certain it was early access, as I often check the Green Light section and do not recall seeing it there. I'd like to say I'm 100% on that! but I cannot.
  20. Verneo Founder

    The issue is more about the ability to download and auto update the game through the steam client; that won't be available unless they organize a deal for Steam Keys which I think would generally involve Valve charging a ridiculous amount of money. These issues won't be a problem as soon as the game comes out of early access; that is an educated guess though.
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