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    To the Landmark community,

    With heavy hearts, we are writing today to inform you that after much review, we have decided to close Landmark game servers on February 21, 2017.

    Since Landmark first entered Alpha, we have been impressed by the creative talents in this community. You pushed the boundaries of what Landmark could do, and we are grateful for the time and energy you shared through your creations in this game.

    While there is still time to enjoy Lumeria and the many worlds you’ve built within Landmark, we wanted to let you know what you will be seeing happen between now and February. Beginning today, Player Studio items will no longer be available for listing or for purchase in the Landmark Marketplace. Landmark will also no longer be available for purchase. All items in the Marketplace with a Daybreak Cash price will have their price reduced to 1 DBC.

    The game servers, as well as the accompanying forums and social media channels, will be closed at 4:00PM Pacific Time on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

    We want to thank each and every one of you for your creative contributions to Landmark.

    Daybreak Game Company

    Landmark Sunset FAQ:

    Is Landmark being shut down?

    Yes. Daybreak Game Company (DGC) is scheduled to sunset Landmark on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 4:00PM Pacific Time.

    What happens to all the code/data from Landmark? Can someone open an emulator server for Landmark?

    Daybreak Game Company will retain all of the code and data from Landmark. Daybreak Game Company will not license or authorize the operation of a Landmark emulator or a fan-operated Landmark server.

    Will the Landmark website and/or forums be available after the service shuts down?

    All Websites and forums associated with Landmark will be removed after the service shuts down.

    What happens to the Daybreak Cash I have purchased?

    Your Daybreak Cash resides in a general wallet which is shared across most Daybreak Games available on PC. You can continue to use your Daybreak Cash to purchase items in other Daybreak games.

    I have a further concern and want to contact Customer Service. How do I do that?

    We want to help address any further concerns. If there are some specific issues that isn’t covered here, please follow these instructions to file a ticket with our Customer Service team.
  2. Ayrid Trailblazer

    We should have a huge in-game party on the last day.
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  3. Prometheun Trailblazer

    What about those who bought a trailblazer pack...?
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  4. Shasroh Trailblazer

    I saw my $100 as a loss a long time ago, didn't even make it out of alpha before I gave up on this game, had tons of excitement back then, and it slowly was just drained away. Essentially at the time unless I could replicate bugs couldn't build crap.

    At least Smed was decent enough to give us our money back when his game failed to garner enough sales to continue give what it promised, these guy promised me I would help build eq next....we see how that went....and nothing back.
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  5. Ayrid Trailblazer

  6. dabudo Trailblazer

    Well, we all knew it was coming. Still, makes me sad. What a waste of potential. The game that never was.
  7. Falandir Founder

    Goodbye Daybreak you just killed the only game you make I was interested in have fun on your sinking ship.
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  8. hawkra Trailblazer

    seriously i love this game i do not want to see it shut down. but if you guys do shut it down. i want a refund. and NOT in daybreak cash.. i do NOT plan on playing any of your games after this fiasco.. if daybreak put their heart into the game .. worked with u s.. KEPT your promises.. then the game would have taken off.. when i signed up for the game.. and payed and clicked on the i accept button.. there were promises made about what was going to happen.. what you guys planed on doing. what we as public and landmarkians would get out of it.. and yet.. big breach of contract.. you changed it all.. and from then it went down can i trust a company that makes promises but never keeps it? i cant..
  9. Jyve Trailblazer


    But... understandable. I log in every day and it's a wasteland.
    Such a shame from the potential we saw all those years ago, of it being the Everquest successor we all hungered for.

    Good luck to everyone. Which beach we partying on until the servers shut?
  10. hawkra Trailblazer

    btw does anyone know of a similar but not blocky like that other game.. more like this game where i can let my imagination fly? would appreciate insites.. this was one of the games i loved.. because i could do my artistic things .. sad sad day..
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  11. Ayrid Trailblazer

    I was hoping DGC was going to sell it to a another real gaming company that has more resources to develop it like PWI, etc.
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  12. Mojoslinger Trailblazer

    Screw you Daybreak you are the WORST game company ever, I DEMAND A REFUND! I spent a 100$ on broken promises and all you do is screw over your fan base!
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  13. chooseareality Trailblazer

    I knew my money was gone as soon as I bought the Trailblazer pack, they made it very clear that we were paying for early access and the bonus items. Still, only 8 months post release and I was waiting for it to feel more done before jumping back in.

    Looks at H1Z1 Just Survive and starts planning a future funeral...
  14. Ayrid Trailblazer

    Try Second Life - a lot of great building there - from simple to very complex and there are actually many players there after over 10 years.
  15. Mojoslinger Trailblazer

    Daybreak is the WORST GAME COMPANY EVER! I hope to hell you guys plan on giving us something in the other games to compensate for how badly you have SCREWED US OVER =P
  16. Silinius328 Trailblazer

    Wonder if there is any chance they would convert that $100 into DBC so that I can spend it on other games. This is also why I'll never purchase Vaporware from any company again.
  17. Fredelas Well-Known Member

    I'm actually a little relieved by this announcement. I think realistically, we've all known for a while that it was coming. At least now we know how long we have left.
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  18. DelTheInsane Trailblazer

    I bought 2 trailblazer packs, one for me, one for my wife. It was before Next was cancelled I realized it was a waste of $200. We had recently started trying to play again, now this happens. If something isn't given to us in the way of DBC (which I doubt, nor honestly expect to happen) we'll just never play another DB game again, which is sad because we met in EQ1.

    This game has taught me to never be hyped about a game before it's released and to never purchase early access games again, so I thank you for that. So promised and so little delivered.
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  19. Shasroh Trailblazer

    Pretty much exactly this, I am convinced they just launched the game officially and for as long as they did so they didn't have to give refunds for failing to launch the title. Pretty much everything promised in the beginning was never held up.
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  20. Tyim Trailblazer

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