[Event] Halloween Party Event! Feast of Souls 2016!

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  1. McNerdofWar Founder

    Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, boils and ghouls of all ages! To the Halloween Event of 2016! The Feast of Souls, is a spooky fun event happening soon by the Guilds near you! Haunted Hospitals with eerie sites will be awaiting your curious eyes! Prizes will be given out for the first place winners! ~ More information about the activities soon! ~ Join us in building your most twisted, scary, insane builds and enter them too the build site claim! Contact Maeya or MissBehaven too reserve your location now!

    You can reserve a Hospital room of your very own to decorate and scare the living souls out of your friends! <Build spec's for the Hospital is coming soon, just too keep you all in the loop, keep an eye on this Forum for more information that will be coming your way soon!>

    Dates and Prizes will be released as I receive the information! :) Have a Spooky day, keep your sites on the Forums... More info coming soon ~ Bua-hahahaha!
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  2. Feral Wolf Trailblazer

    Damn, is it really the third Halloween for LM already?
  3. McNerdofWar Founder

    Yep, yep! We're hoping to make a very interesting Party >We don't have official dates yet but we're thinking about having this party either Before or After the Dev competitions that they have every year. Don't quote me on that I need to talk with someone to find out for sure lol < But if your interested in joining in on the fun, go ahead and contact MissBehaven or Maeya in-game to ask questions or reserve a location for your Spooky Halloween Build! :)
  4. McNerdofWar Founder

    The Feast of Souls will begin on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of October of 2016! This is going to be a fantastic event, hope everyone will be ready for the scary things being featured!


    More information coming soon! Keep your eyes opened on this Forum post, all will be revealed soon!
  5. Graysilk Trailblazer

    Indeed it is.
  6. GoddessV Trailblazer

    Sounds like it will be another GREAT EVENT! :)
  7. McNerdofWar Founder

    Hope you can make it when the time arrives :)
    Should be pretty interesting! Hope no one is scared of spiders lol >_<
  8. Maeya Founder

    There are still plenty of community sites available for the Halloween event, so please contact me ( Maeya ) in game. I look forward to seeing you in game and getting you set up on your spooky build site... MUAAAAH...
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  9. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    With multiple threads dedicated to this event it's hard to know where to look for "official" information. Just sayin' ...
  10. Graysilk Trailblazer

    Halloween is my favorite holiday for building. This will be fun.
  11. Maeya Founder

    Ok CoyoteDancer, I am an officer in Eternal Destiny and I am the contact for the event so you can go by what ever I post. However I do not have a twitter account so Graysilk has been posting there. Plus that helps me out with not having to post to a million different websites.... Also you can go by what Grox posts as well. Grox is the one that usually post to the forums but atm she has real life stuff going on. SO she may post here as well, and it should be the same information that I post... However, I am really good at getting back to my in game mails so if you have any questions about any event please feel free to send me a mail and I would be happy to answer any questions anyone may have.

    And on that note we still have spots available to build on at the Hospital which you get a whole floor to decorate or if you are looking for something smaller you could grab a spot in the Haunted Neighborhood. The date to have everything on your site is October 17th, that is just incase something goes haywire if you build on your own site and bring it over and a link and trigger broke in the process...

    The Hospital/ asylum you can have 10 mobs, 1000 props and 100 links and triggers
    The Neighborhood you can have 7 mobs, 700 props and 70 links and triggers.

    So come grab your spot or shoot me a mail to get your spots. I would be more than happy to set you up on either site.

    Have a great day and look forward to seeing you in game

  12. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    I understand using different channels of communication to make sure everybody knows. I pointed out that not having a designated place with all the official info makes it harder for anyone to be sure they know everything they need to. At the time i posted I was aware of information being posted in -
    • This thread started by McNerdofWar about the October event
    • The thread started by Maeya about the October event
    • The thread started by Maeya about upcoming events
    to which is now added -
    • posts anywhere by Graysilk
    • posts anywhere by Grox
    Expanding the needed search from 3 threads by 2 people to various posts by 5 people in an unknown number of threads doesn't ease the problem of knowing where the definitive source is. Post everywhere, publicize it as much as possible! But also please agree with each other on, and let us know, the one main place to look for info. It's the difference between scattered chaos and organized distribution.
  13. Maeya Founder

    Ok I understand what ya mean. I am still in the learning process for these events. Thank you