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  1. Domino Developer

    This week’s update introduces a much-anticipated feature to Landmark: the ability to form guilds! No doubt we’ll do a lot of iteration and polish still based on your feedback, and we wanted to get this first draft out to you as soon as possible to start that process. Currently in Landmark, guilds are a social structure, a convenient way of gathering, organizing, and communicating with your friends and other like-minded people. You may only belong to one guild at a time.

    We’ve kept the UI very simple for now (as with most of Landmark’s UI, we don’t want to spent a lot of time finalizing the art until we’re sure that the UI itself is not still changing). However, we hope you’ll find the guild UI usable and easy to navigate – and if not, we look forward to your suggestions for improvements. So without further ado, here’s a run-down of the guild features as you will see them this week:

    How do I create a guild?

    The guild window can be accessed via the Landmark menu in the lower left, or by pressing the shortcut key (N). If you are not already in a guild, you can create a guild simply by entering your desired guild name and clicking “Create”. Guild names can contain letters, numbers, and spaces only, no punctuation, and must be between 5 and 24 characters in length.


    Setting up your guild

    Once your guild exists, you’ll want to customize some of the information.

    In the first tab of the guild window, the right hand pane is intended for information about your guild. Here you can write a description of your guild, and leave information for your members. There is a 620 character limit to the guild information. When you’ve finished updating the information, click the green tick mark to confirm. [IMG]

    At the bottom of this window is the Message of the Day. This has a 140 character limit. This message will display to all guild members in their chat window when they log in. In your guild window, you will see three tabs: the Roster, News, and Admin. The Admin tab is only visible to officers and leaders; the other two tabs can be seen by all members.

    By default, Leaders and Officers can edit the guild description and guild message of the day.

    Inviting people to your guild


    At the top of the guild roster is a text field that reads “Invite to Guild?” Enter the name of a player you wish to invite, and click the green tick icon to confirm. This will send an invitation to the player, assuming they’re not already in another guild. Once they accept, they will be added to the guild roster. Players do not need to be online to send them an invite, they will receive it when they log in.
    Guilds in Landmark do not currently have a maximum size limit, though this will likely come at a later date.

    Guild Roster tab


    The Roster tab is the main tab of the guild window. Here you’ll see all guild members who are currently online. If you tick the “show offline” box at the top, you will also see offline members. (The online status is indicated by a green dot to the left of the name of those who are online.) The icon in the right column shows the guild member’s rank.

    Besides updating the guild information and guild MOTD, leaders and officers can use this tab to manage the guild members. Right-clicking any guild member’s name in the roster list will display the available options to promote, demote, or kick from guild, as well as other convenient options such as invite to party, send tell, or send mail.

    Obviously: do not click the big red “Leave Guild” button on this tab unless you really mean it!

    News tab


    The news tab shows guild events such as people joining, changing ranks, or leaving. The right side pane also allows you to search the guild news for key words, for example “join” to look for all people who have joined recently.

    Admin tab


    The admin tab is only visible to leaders and officers. This tab allows the names of the ranks to be customized from the default, and it also allows the modification of exactly which permissions are allowed to each rank level. New ranks can also be created and renamed here. Note that the default ranks cannot be deleted, although they can be renamed and have permissions reassigned however desired.

    Obviously: do not click the big red “Disband Guild” button on this tab unless you really mean it!

    General guild information

    Once you are in a guild, you’ll automatically gain a chat window tab called “Guild” where guild chat will appear. Guild officers and leaders will also gain a “Guild Officers” chat channel which only they have access to.


    We’ll be adding more functionality and polish to guilds as we progress through beta and we’d love to hear your feedback as you try out the new guild feature. Let us know of any bugs you find using the in-game /bug report feature, and be sure to post any suggestions you have on the forums. We look forward to seeing you, and your guild, in game soon!
  2. Betula Lumosa Trailblazer

    What are the / commands to speak in guild or guild officers channels? Like /say, /yell, /1, etc?
  3. CataclysmEQ2 Trailblazer

    Oh yeah!!!!!!
  4. Beeman Well-Known Member

    Lookin' pretty good. Twenty-four characters for a guild name is pretty good~

    Now let's hope we get the option to create displayable titles either per member or per guild rank(or both!) when we get guilds 2.0. Maybe also a guild emblem we can place on a tabard, flag, tapestry, banner or shields. Maybe even an emblem decal we can place over voxels and things...with the ability to resize it and junk :O

    What else would be good for guilds 2.0? @.,@
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  5. CataclysmEQ2 Trailblazer

    Guild Halls / Claims

    I remember when they introduced guild halls into EQ2, it was one of the best things they ever added to the game.

    With Landmark, just normal claims can be guild properties if claim permissions can be set for guild members.
  6. Whisk3y Founder

    Man, I was really hoping you could create a guild claim, one where everyone can use portal shards to teleport to. Instead of having to wait the 8 or so minutes between each teleport to friend.
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  7. Lisc Trailblazer

    Are these chats cross server?
  8. Darlash Trailblazer

    Really look forward to testing out the Guild system. I wonder if for a future update you would consider adding notes to player roster and more importantly a "last seen online date". For better guild house keeping. Thank you.
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  9. Beeman Well-Known Member

    I love the idea of guild halls in games. Especially if there's guild progression layered onto it. Like, couldn't you rank up your guild by farming guild status or something like that in EQ2? From there, wouldn't your guild rank allow you to get bigger, more fancy guild halls? But then you'd have epic upkeep to maintain :eek:

    Warframe has a very interesting guild hall system...When you make a new guild, every member has the option to craft a dojo key. Requires a modest amount of low level resources to craft...but it also takes like a day to craft(craft times in that game, augh!). But when you enter your guild hall there's just one room...kind of like a lobby or a big, ornate hallway. It's got two doorways, one on either end of the room. If you're a high ranking guild member and have permission(or just the guild leader), you can interact with these locked doors. The interface there allows you to build an additional room at each entrance. Once you select a blueprint from a list, you then had to donate materials and credits to the door in order to start the construction timer. Anyone could donate materials to these projects, so that was cool.

    Some of the rooms you could build were just visual, like straight hallways, four-way connector rooms and so on. Some of the rooms, though...were very interesting. Like, your guild hall had to have energy to build new rooms, so you'd build some power generator rooms. They didn't have additional doors, they were like dead ends, but they gave your guild hall plus twenty-five energy or something like that. Then, you could build research rooms that allowed you to research weapons and even some warframes. There were four of those, I think and one prerequisite room you had to build before you could create those laboratories.

    There were also some entirely frivolous, but still interesting rooms. Things like a dueling room, rooms that increased your guild capacity or there was even a room that was literally just a parkour training room. Like a holodeck for playing around with the running and stuff. I think there was even a leaderboard in there.

    Aside from the rooms, there were things like decorations, most of which were entirely cosmetic but some of them actually served purpose. Like, if you built a trade terminal, your guild members could then use that terminal to trade items with other players. LIke, those terminals were required to trade with other people in that game @.,@

    So far, for Landmark we know that there's going to be guild claims. I mean, Dave recently said in an informal interview that there'd be guild cities at some point. We don't really know any specifics on that, but that's very interesting to think about, either way. Would love to see modular, expandable guild halls in EQNext even remotely similar to the clan dojos in Warframe :eek:
  10. valkyriee Founder

    will there be a way to see guilds already created for others who may want to join to be able to search for guilds ?
  11. Nemira Trailblazer


    That is the feature I want most!
  12. JedimasterBurst Trailblazer

    Three quick questions.

    1. What is the minimum amount of players needed to create a guild?

    2. What is the maximum amount of players you can have in a guild?

    3. What is the maximum amount of ranks you can have in a guild?
  13. Zarriya Trailblazer

    One question please:

    Could we have more than one leader (like in Eq2)?
  14. OneFiftyFour Trailblazer

    Nice :) Look forward to testing this out later.
  15. CataclysmEQ2 Trailblazer

    The very nature of Landmark / EQN lets us build where we want and whatever we want (sort of). I'm not sure there will be pre-made guild halls like in EQ2 or other games.. You'd essentially build them yourself!

    Guild halls, claims, cities.. I'm sure you can build whatever you want.

    If.. If they decide to use pre-made guild hall /city models I'd be very disappointed.. We'll see I suppose.
  16. Beeman Well-Known Member

    That bit of rambling about Warframe was mostly for the benefit of EQNext. Landmark lets us build anything anywhere anytime, but EQNext is going to be far more structured. We'll only be able to own land where land is ownable - around main cities, most likely or in select patches of wilderness and we'll only be able to place either premade(by SOE) or SOE approved structures and props on our claim. Hopefully the structures in EQNext are modular, though, just to exponentially increase the variety between player homes.
  17. Arien Trailblazer

    *evil laugh* My plans of world domination can now begin...

    I mean, yay! Guilds!
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  18. CataclysmEQ2 Trailblazer

    Oh poop that sounds awful and a step back. Where did you get your info from?
  19. Beeman Well-Known Member

    There was a roundtable poll(and video response) about claiming land in EQNext. On top of that, they've talked about it vaguely in interviews and things like that.

    Aside from that, it would be mechanically infeasible to allow players to claim up land wherever they wanted without restriction. EQN isn't going to have predefined NPC camps or spawns, they're going to shuffle about the world based on each NPC's preferences. So like...let's say there's a road heading north out of Freeport. IN the first weak after the launch of EQNext, there might be a bandit camp near the road. From that camp, bandits spawn and attack NPCs and even players that might be following that road. After players(or town guards/patrols) start beating up those bandits, they'll eventually get sick of that location, pack up their camp and relocate somewhere more preferable.

    The AI that determines these actions can't function properly if every inch of this new Norrath is claimable by players. IT would just complicate things far too much...especially for pathfinding. Like, you'd have NPCs getting stuck on player houses all over the place just 'cause their AI can't handle pathing around those things. Like...those are solvable issues, but that would take a lot of time to work around, you know?

    So the choice they made(which players seemed to agree on) was that we'd only be able to claim up specific plots of land in or around cities or in specific kind of residential areas. But if you wanted to plop your claim down in the middle of some forest, miles away from a, you won't be able to do that.

    That said, there may be rallying calls which create cities, hamlets, towns or other such things which in-turn create additional housing locales for players to own :O
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  20. Numbiki Trailblazer

    *sniffs* I think I smell a future contest perhaps...? :D Build your own guild hall or choose from 5-8 different winning models - one model for each biome or race?
    *busts out the sketchbook as her mind starts racing with ideas*