[Event] Star Fleet Shipyard Halloween Quest

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  1. Elkay Trailblazer

    Hey everyone ;)

    Apparently, a Ferengi with an odd sense of humor found his way to my claim. He's hidden a Pumpkin somewhere within the claim boundaries and it's up to you to find it.

    The first person to tweet me a picture of its location @ElkayEQ wins the Enterprise. Please include your in-game name along with your screenshot in Twitter.

    If you haven't had time to see the Ship yourself, you can find it on the Gallery by entering either my name (Elkay) or Enterprise and that'll bring up everything you'll need to find it.

    I'll supply the template...the million or so Plastic and other materials required to assemble it are on you!

    I'm by no means a content expert so as you may expect, my "quest" is pretty small...but i warn you, the build is quite large and the gourd is not just sitting on the ground waiting for someone to walk up to it. You'll have to jump thru a few hoops before you'll be allowed access to hidden nugget of orangy goodness :)

    Feel free to shoot me an in-game mail if you have any questions. The quest is complete right now but I've turned off several key components to prevent anyone from discovering the location in advance. Despite this I highly recommend stopping in and wandering around if you're serious about finding the prize.

    The Shipyard itself is a personal project that i expect (and hope!) to be working on over the next year so its by no means complete. Please excuse the mess...i'm currently hard at work teaching snakes to kick :)

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  2. Phierce Trailblazer

    Sounds like a good time and what an amazing prize. I may have to give this a go.
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  3. McNerdofWar Founder

    Sounds Awesome! If - with your permission, could I record the quest? But leave out the final location for other players to locate? I will let people the name of the site so they can check it out. perhap leave your characters name for build credits if you'd like? :) I will only do so with permission other wise I will still check it out without recording.
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  4. Elkay Trailblazer

    Record all ya want...i dont promise a complicated quest though :) It's just halloween goodness!
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  5. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    And for those of us who aren't Twits?
  6. Helie Trailblazer

    Roh !!! you are a bad boy, your site is in edit mode :(
  7. Elkay Trailblazer

    I don't really have a good answer for you Coyote :(
    I cannot be online for 48 hours - and i don't want the template sitting in a Chest (i'd like to know who gets it!)
  8. Elkay Trailblazer

    Apparently all of my IF gates are resetting every time DBG resets the servers. They go from IF YELLOW IS ON back to IF BLUE IS OFF which completely breaks my entire quest line.

    I'll do my best to make sure the gates are set correctly before the Quest begins but i have no control over the game breaking its own tools...lol this might just turn into a Pumpkin hunt!
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  9. Artist Trailblazer

    Please postpone event for 24 hrs, as reported in forums, many people are stuck at 89% for login
  10. Elkay Trailblazer

    Postponing 24 hours is not an option. Many of the LM players (including myself) work...tomorrow is Monday. I cannot login to LM from work nor can many others.

    I'll delay the start of the quest for 30mins then will re-evaluate and perhaps extend the start even further if our beloved servers are still refusing to allow people to logon.

  11. Elkay Trailblazer

    Because of the number of people still having issues logging on - i'll be running the quest a 2nd time TOMORROW night (Halloween Night) at 7pm CST.
  12. Artist Trailblazer

    Thank you Elkay for hosting the Star Fleet Shipyard Halloween Quest, it was a ton of fun! I may of won the Enterprise but there was others right on my tail competing to win, so all and all, it was an excellent challenge. Although, you know I never finished the second quest to get the security pass from Herder Grin, while I discovered many secrets of the ship, that phantom was totally evasive of me!! Great quest lines, total fun!!
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  13. McNerdofWar Founder

    Sorry I missed the event. :(
    RL got in the way...But, you know what. I'll record your area anyway. Going to be doing an exploring video soon :)
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