Eternal Destiny is Recruiting!

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  1. McNerdofWar Founder


    Our PvP Info! :)

    And one of many interactive builds just for you! :)

    I will post more information if it is required! I'll keep you updated on our builds in this forum and hopefully get new members! Everyone is welcome to join us and have fun with us. See you in-game!

  2. McNerdofWar Founder

    We're accepting anyone. I would also like to put out there that we are working on a fully interactive roll playing guild hall for us all to hang out in and have fun with! More info will be released about that soon. :) So, stay tuned! :-D
  3. McNerdofWar Founder

    Bump~ :)

    Contact MissBehaven or Norn in-game if you want a guilds invite! We're accepting anyone and everyone, new or veteran players!

    Our Spulunking party starts up on Saturday December 12th! Information on that is right here! :-D

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    Bump~ Just to let you all know, Eternal Destiny is hosting another party on February 20th at 3pm EST. Everyone is invited! Need more information here it is :-D < Imgur version. Read info above to know the rules for the Clue game and map lay out.

    Hope too see you all there! :-D
  8. McNerdofWar Founder

    Just to let everyone one know, Eternal Destiny in Landmark is still active in 2016. Just to update this forum of it's potential recruits that are interested! :-D
  9. madmilitia Trailblazer

    what server are you guys on I just got the game and I'm on serenity and there is no one here
  10. McNerdofWar Founder

    We are all over the place at the moment. Whenever the next wipe comes I think we'll try and centralize a little more. Pretty much all you need to do is contact MissBehaven or Norn in-game and see if we can hook you up :)
  11. McNerdofWar Founder

    Our world wide party starts today if anyone is interested! 2/20/2016 3pm EST we're giving away prizes and hopfully going to have a blast hosting it! See you all there! Visit my Twitter for all the information. I've posted several times as reminders Hope you all make it!

    We'll be recruiting as well if anyone is interested in joining Eternal Destiny, we have big plans this year and we'll help anyone we can with builds and gathering materials among other things if interested. :)
  12. Ahpace Founder

    Yes. I am interested. I am new to the game. For a while here I thought I was the only one playing.
  13. Parthin Trailblazer

    I'm with Eternal Destiny. Friend request sent. Read your mail; I will look you up in game.
  14. McNerdofWar Founder

    Everyone please contact MissBehaven or Parthin in-game to get a guilds invite. I am doing a big RL project and I haven't been playing in a while. If you are interested in joining our community please contact them via Mail they will hook you up with our guild and I hope you enjoy hanging out with us and learning new things.

    Thank you for reading. ~Norn
  15. Patoman Founder

    I want to joins, I added some of you as friends and tried to message but not on, not sure where mail is, name in game is Patoman
  16. Bomdiggety Trailblazer

    There is a mailbox at the spires, or you can find them in the prop list and put one on your claim.
  17. GoddessElise Founder

    I am interested in joining : ) I sent a PM to the few that I was suggested to send msg's too. Hopefully I'm accepted <3
  18. Parthin Trailblazer

    Guys, the game is getting a big make-over in a couple of weeks. I'll do some checking in, talk to you if you're on, but I don't expect anyone else in the guild to be around until after the update. So much will be changed that, as a group, we are waiting until after this event to do any building. If you're new, gear up, gather materials, and practice building.
  19. Jaqen Trailblazer

    are you guys still recruiting?
  20. Parthin Trailblazer

    With multiple wipes upcoming very shortly, we are not doing anything with Landmark, including recruiting. I'm monitoring the board and the game but that's it for now.