Eternal Destiny 2017!

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  1. Maeya Founder

    We are a multi~gaming guild and are represented in multiple MMO’s. Eternal Destiny is the most active guild in Landmark; and we are Landmarks event hosts! With multiple events since launch, we are looking forward to holding many more in 2017. We are looking for Mature, new and old players to join in our ranks. We will be resuming Friday and Saturday Fun Nights; chaos cave runs; and at least one building class a month! We also have teamspeak and a website. Please visit the website @

    If interested please contact: Missbehaven, Maeya, Silfren or Eternaldestiny!

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Also look forward to our upcoming Movie Night in Landmark!
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  2. Helie Trailblazer

    Can't wait to see !
    And even in not in your guild if I may help for something feel free to ask :)
  3. semer Trailblazer

    Eternal Destiny is potential to be the best server ever!