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  1. RogueComet Trailblazer

    Glad to have you with us "giant tree." You didn't have to actually join us on Courage, we have plenty of people who have claims all over a bunch of servers. Still... welcome!
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  2. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    As we are getting closer to the wipe we encourage old members that are planning to return after the wipe to log in to LM before the wipe and get some updates about what we plan (its in the gmotd) to do. This time we will have an even better launch than what we had from Alpha.
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  3. Sigtyr Trailblazer

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  4. Sigtyr Trailblazer

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  5. MsQu Trailblazer

    Hi Sigtyr,

    I was going to check in just before the wipe, but apparently missed it. I requested a membership in the website. Is there another source for info? Thanks.
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  6. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    RC checks member applications, I have send you a PM on the important stuff.
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  7. RogueComet Trailblazer

    Gotcha Quilt. For other's info, I typically check applications in the afternoon (Pacific time) and later in the evening Pacific time. Will try to do it again this morning but definitely can't while at work.
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  8. MsQu Trailblazer

    Thanks! I'm in...
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  9. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    We have now been reformed for some days and we have welcomed back many old friends and are rapidly gaining back our strength. We are primarily based on Singed Timbers (that is getting VERY full). If you are interested in a well rounded active guild, drop us a line here or talk to any member.
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  10. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    We are now officially 60 strong after the wipe and restart. Current projects are 2 PvP builds on Courage Singed Timbers where the Women have one build and the Men have another, the groups are finishing their builds and we will probably start to fight it out sometimes in early June.
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  11. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    As many guilds are putting notices up for new and old members we thought we should do a little update too. As more and more information is revealed I personally I think it will be fun and we will see a lot of people in game again but YMMV. In any case Courage Crew is still active and we welcome back our current members that may have had a long break and if you never got back into the Crew after the guild wipe send a mail to Sigtyr or Curamach here or in game.
  12. GoldDraco13 Trailblazer

    It'll be refreshing once the new content comes! Look forward to playing with you all again!

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  13. Ilathi Trailblazer

    i have everything crossed for this upcoming patch :) will be good to see everyone back ;)
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  14. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    When you log in after the wipe join the ccrew channel and ask for invitation. We have a file on all past and present members. If you are one of those who will do a lot of invitations and have not received the updated file (you know who you are) send me a message here with an junk email address and Ill send you the updated list.
  15. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    We are up and running, if you are a returning member or a new member Landmarks nicest and craziest guild is still here.
  16. Avatarmike Founder

    Hello, just got back into the game today. The guild has caught my interests and I would be more than happy to join. I'll take an invite whenever possible.
  17. Sigtyr Trailblazer

  18. Sinamyn_Bunz Trailblazer

    Sigtyr, I will be sending you an in game email today when I log in regarding an invite if/when possible please :)
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  19. Downwood Trailblazer

    I've been trying to reach your guildportal site but it keeps coming back with a server dns error?
  20. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    The owner of guildportal closed the whole guildportal site some months ago, everybodys sites disappeared.

    Thanks for reminding me to remove the link though!