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  1. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    Courage Crew is a low pressure guild with a good mix of people of all sorts of skill sets and interests.

    It started in Alpha with people who hung out in the general channel on Courage, we later decided that we wanted to preserve the supportive and positive setting we had, so to stay together we created a chat channel and had a good organized group launch in Beta. Courage Crew has been a guild since guilds was launched. We do not use voice yet. We have mostly builders as members but more and more members of other interests.

    We consider ourselves a casual guild. We consider ourselves a mature guild, though we have no age requirements, as we've found a person's age has little to do with their maturity.

    Please understand the guild's purpose. We are here to enjoy all of Landmarks content with a group of like-minded gamers in a nice social environment. It is the journey, not the destination, that we game for.

    We expect maturity (defined as no drama) from our membership. We try to follow the Golden Rule as much as we can.

    We are a intensely social guild, some 30 of us has been together since Alpha but everyone else has joined later. If you are nice and chatty you will do well, and you do not have to be settled on Courage.

    Talk to me (same name in game) or Curamach, Draconius, Tlena, Leeroy or any member.
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  2. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    We are officially 100 members strong!
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  3. Karrane Trailblazer

    Grats on the 100!!!
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  4. European Noc Founder

  5. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    NA but we have daytime US players, it depends on when you are online. You are always welcome to try no one gets upset if you leave because there are not enough players on when you are on.
  6. Avi E. Founder

    Hey folks,

    Newbie looking for a group here if ya got some room :)
  7. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    Send a tell in game or a PM with your ingame name, try it out. if it doesn't fit no one is upset if you leave.
  8. Avi E. Founder

    I sent a message your way :)
  9. Freefall007 New Member

    They are only intensely social when it comes to "their clicks", there can be 20 people online and only 1 person will say hello to you. One of their officers in particular ( no names ), is more than happy to beat to his chest in guild chat at his godliness, but when it comes time for help he flakes out easily...

    I am still friends with a couple officers and members so I will remain anonymous, but you would do better trying to find a better guild. Nothing personal, it is what it is...
  10. RogueComet Trailblazer

    Sorry to hear you felt this way. I think you need to realize a few things though as your tone comes across where you might forget the following:

    1. Chat does NOT default to the chat tab when you start the game right now. There are quite a few people who play who forget to change to that tab, thus they are unable to see messages in guild or personal messages. That is nothing against you, or others, it is a problem with the game. I've even had issues getting people to respond, it has nothing to do with you, just with the game systems right now.

    2. People get busy and don't always spend a lot of time reading their chat. I know I've gotten so into building sometimes that I look at a clock only to notice that 3 hours has passed. Quite a few of us get into the groove, so to speak, and don't always see what is going on around us. Can happen to anyone who is doing a form of "art," inside and outside of the game. Some of us get so into building we actually turn off our UI (it really isn't needed for building once you have textures available for the eyedropper tool) which means we can't always see what people say. Again, it has nothing to do with a person, just with the way the UI works and how much we do enjoy the game.

    3. Not sure where you get this "cliques" idea from. We have quite a few people who specialize in certain genres, but as far as I know, ALL of us still socialize and interact with people who don't do the same genres. Gosh the game would be very boring if we didn't do that! What other cliques could you mean? The PS people? Naw they are cool. The harvesters? Not many of them but they are nice. Maybe you mean those who fair at Sci-Fi bay? Currently online only ONE person is down there with the rest all spread out, not much of a clique. Everyone is welcome to place a claim on Courage/Levee if they want though. Just so you know, sometimes people do associate more with one set of people than another set of people in guilds, that's healthy and normal. We don't expect everyone to always socialize with everyone else. You do claim to still have some friends with us, great, but perhaps your sights are set too high for a larger guild like we are?

    4. Also not very sure which officer you were referring to but it kind'a has me sad that you feel that way that one of us claims to be the best ever but won't help others when I know we will and do help others. Please remember that not all people are going to want to teach (that isn't what it means to be an officer in our guild) all of the time. Take me for instance, my job outside of game is teaching, which means I don't always want to be doing it in game. Officers do have duties and jobs other than teaching people all of the time. People like Sigtyr we have because he's our main "people person." Draconious is probably our best teacher. Others of us settle disputes, help people with getting resources, spend time talking to other guilds about game issues, think up ideas for contests like our current guild logo contest, and other activities which involve players. We also take the time to talk to players who we feel aren't behaving in the guild's best interest. It isn't all about teaching for us.

    If you feel Ccrew isn't right for you, none of us have a problem with that, and we'll gladly send a few recommendations your way for guilds that might fit better. Taking the time to "bash" us on the forums but not put your name is pretty silly. I can't imagine any of us over-reacting to something someone has said, though we would probably try to learn more about why they feel the way they do.

    By not putting your in-game name on your post, you could easily be one of the "problem people" we've had to deal with. That is, you could be someone who was kicked out of the guild because you abused your relationship with us, but we have no way of knowing. By not putting your name on your post, we don't even know if you actually are or were part of Ccrew. For all we know, you could really have a personal grudge with one of our members and feel bad about the whole guild, but not even be part of it.

    If anyone ever needs to talk to one of our officers, please message Lisc, Sigtyr, Shattari, Hanna, Draconious, or myself. Bashing a guild on the forums instead of good communication though, not the best way to go about a disagreement.
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  11. GoldDraco13 Trailblazer

    Freefall, I agree with Roguecomet, more details needed!

    We work hard to help others, your comments are challenged for substance! :rolleyes:
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  12. Decalin Trailblazer

    I am not affiliated with this guild but would like to say that when wandering Landmark I have met a number of Courage Crew and always found them to be courteous, helpful, interested and interesting.
  13. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    Courage Crew recently finished up a logo contest where people in the guild created various logos for the guild to use. After a few weeks of building, we collected the logos and set them up to be voted on by the members to find the one we liked best. We ended up picking one that is like this [IMG] and if you see that around, you know it is a Ccrew guild member!

    Even more cool, all of the people who participated ended up getting prizes in the form of Pumpkin Suit outfits and even Station Cash prizes for the top three winners.

    We are still very active and we have good, friendly and creative members.
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  14. Adjorr Trailblazer

    Ummm, first time ive actually seen our logo lol, did no one point out that it is pretty much the sme as the caldari state logo from eve online? [IMG]
  15. GoldDraco13 Trailblazer

    Thats reaching, Its like saying the Target Logo is the same as CC!

    Sorry but I don't think they are the same!
  16. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    We now have 135 members! Happy New Year!
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  17. Aye Trailblazer

    I would love an invitation to Courage Crew. My in-game name is AyeletFeldspar and I have added Sigtyr as a friend. Thanks in advance :)
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  18. Sigtyr Trailblazer

  19. Droopy Founder

    I'll take an invite. Just got on Courage, I've won a couple competitions and would like a good community of builders to hang around in Landmark

    Yggdrrasil in game.
  20. GoldDraco13 Trailblazer

    Invite sent, Welcome to CC!