Complete Newbie looking for a group to be with

Discussion in 'Guilds & Guild Recruitment' started by DaMetaEX, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. DaMetaEX Founder

    i have played a few hours. the game is really great. but even with the tutorials im not that good a building. which is odd because i can build really well in minecraft. i guess its just something to do with all the new tools. but i diress. i would like to play with a group becasue im going to make mistakes and such. and i really do need someone to point them out for me, and give a solution. i also would like to compete in the events that daybreak does to help build EQN.

    send PM or reply to this thread i'm not too picky.
  2. Darvaleo Trailblazer

    One of the most active guilds, Colossus Prime, is run by Tenma and he regularly streams on Twitch and uploads some tutorials to YouTube.

    Forums - Colossus Prime
    Tenma on YouTube
    Tenma on Twitch
  3. Tenma Trailblazer

    Thanks Darvaleo!
  4. Pema Trailblazer

    And Tenma is just an awful nice guy too.