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  1. Tarsis Trailblazer

    Karr. Need a re invite into the guild post wipe please.

  2. Ayrid Trailblazer

    Is Colossus even around?
    I saw someone with a guild tag Colossus Prime since wipe - but haven't seen any Colossus.
    I requested a re-invite from Tenma but havent got any response.
  3. Leodaandmarklion Founder

    gamename is Koroz
  4. Kirathis Trailblazer

    If you are accepting new members I would like to join. Game name is also Kirathis. Thanks.
  5. Karrane Trailblazer

    Hiya guys.. !!!

    So sorry I haven't been watching this post like I should.

    Ayrid, did you get your invite back yet ? If not, please send me a mail ingame.. Karrane

    Koroz, same... did you ever get an invite ? If not, please send ingame mail to me :)

    Kirathis, I sent you an invite when I got your ingame mail.. If you didn't see it, Plz let me know :)

    Thanks guys and again, sorry for the delay.
  6. Tenma Trailblazer

    After the last major wipe, We changed the Guild name from "Colossus" to "Colossus Prime".
    We host our own teamspeak -
    And have been joined by several other guilds in teamspeak such as Landmark Explorers, Order of Concord, and Du nicht nehmen Pilz to form the largest community network in Landmark
    It is open to anyone who wishes to join.
    Main points of contact are Karrane, Katinna, Nobwinkle, Aowin, and myself "Tenma"
    Feel free to send us an ingame E-mail or pop into our Teamspeak.
  7. Tenma Trailblazer

    With the new Wipe we have gone back to Colossus as the Guild name. Contact points have not changed you can still reach us on our Teamspeak Server:
    or ingame: Karrane, Katinna, Nobwinkle, Aowin, Ashlyn, Onethousandstars and myself (Tenma)

    Everyone is welcome no matter their guild or Group affiliation.
  8. Bloodkraft Trailblazer

    is guild running for launch?
  9. Tenma Trailblazer

    Yes the guild is up
  10. Sinnayen Trailblazer

    I would like to join Colossus. Same name in game, Sinnayen.
  11. Moonpanther Founder

    Tenma, Moonpanther here. I was a member of your guild and then after one wipes was unable to find anyone for a re invite. I won't be able to get in until the launch tomorrow (I purchased the cheap package for beta) but am looking forward to rejoining.
  12. Oniris Founder

    Hello Tenma.
    Glad to see you're still here :)
    I'll send you a request as soon as my humble founder account enters the magic.
  13. Dujenwook New Member

    May I join you? I am just starting out. My in game is Dujenwook
  14. Katinna Trailblazer

    Hey folks.. you can can catch me (Katinna) or Karrane or Aowin in game for an invite as well as Tenma.