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  1. Karrane Trailblazer

    Hi everyone. :)

    We are still getting requests to join from players.
    So if you are interested in joining Colossus atm, this is what we can offer :

    --We are at max cap of 250 members atm.
    --But we started an 'overflow' guild called Colossus 2
    --All peeps that are asking to join are offered a spot in the overflow guild.
    --They will be moved to the big guild when spots open up. We are actively trying to find spots in the guild from ppl that have left the game.
    --We have a chat channel.. /join Colossus. We have our members in that channel besides in /gu for chat. Even if it seems quiet, they are still lurking in there so dont hesitate to chat in there.
    --We have a very active Teamspeak server. You are welcome to join us there whether you decide to join Colossus 2 or not.... as you are welcome in the chat channel also.

    If you are interested in joining, please leave message here OR contact me (Karrane), Aowin, or Tenma ingame.


  2. Discordmaru New Member

    I would like a invite please.
    IGN: Discordmaru
  3. Discordmaru New Member

    Can I get a re invite, someone spam invited me to another guild and I clicked yes thinking it was your guild. But when I did the invite to your guild vanished.

    IGN: Discordmaru
  4. Karrane Trailblazer

    Lol done and welcome to Colossus Disc :)
  5. Daniel Member

    Please could you invite me? My name in game is Keramore
  6. Karrane Trailblazer

    HIya Keramore.. Sorry I missed this on the forums..

    I will be happy to send your char an invite. )
  7. Edrynaath New Member

    Hi there, May I please get an invite as well? same name in game
  8. Bloodkraft Trailblazer

    Hi, i can i get an invite as well please

  9. EnzoRJ Trailblazer

    Hi can I get an invite to the Guild please. IGN:EnzoRJ
  10. Karrane Trailblazer

    Hiya EnzorRJ

    Sure.. I will be glad to do that ))
  11. Caleb3477 Founder

    Hey! I need some active peeps to be with. The TS server is an amazing idea. May I have an invite as well?
  12. Secret Trailblazer

    Hello! I've been browsing through guild posts for a while, and am still trying to find an active friendly guild. I would love to join your guild if you are still accepting members? :) Please let me know :3 I'm glad you all have a TS since its more fun to hang out and chat with people irl, rather than constant typing :)
  13. Estariol Founder

    I would very much like to join you all can I get an invite in game name is Estariol
  14. Karrane Trailblazer

    I am so sorry.. I didn't get back to this forums in the last week or so 8(.. Very hectic holidays hehe.. Hope all yours were good!

    Please Please mail me ingame for a guild invite if you are still looking :) We would love to have you!

  15. DrakeWall New Member

    Hi, I wanted to se if you could save me a spot when i log on i will post it on here i would love to learn things early at the start. My IGN will be DrakeWall. Thank you!
  16. DrakeWall New Member

    Oh, if you guys have a website i would love to register so i could be ready as soon as i go on
  17. Camosnide Founder

    Hey, would love to join. New and very excited to get some creativity out my system. :)
  18. Kioke Trailblazer

    Hello! I am looking for a community to play with and yours sounds great. :) I would love to join when you get a chance. In game name is Kioke.
  19. Karrane Trailblazer

    Hi guys !

    I will log in and send invites to you 3 as soon as the log in lets me :)

    Camosnide, you didn't say if this is your game name or not so I will try it :)

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to meeting you all !

  20. Karrane Trailblazer

    Drakewall.. I tried that name but it says that there is no player with that name.

    Did ya pick another?