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  1. Thornbrier Trailblazer

    Founded by Tenma, Colossus is a very accepting guild with a focus on teaching, sharing techniques, and community projects. Tenma runs frequent tutorials and classes for guild members and non members through his stream. We are setting up a Noob Studio for players to come experiment with things together. We also have a Team Speak server.
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  2. FyrWorX Trailblazer

    Sweet. I am learning alot from Tenma's tutorials. I would love to join. Any info on how that can be accomplished?
  3. Jordon Trailblazer

    I'd also love to join Colossus. I'm always looking for new techniques to try and I follow Tenma on Twitch and watch his tutorials on you tube.
  4. Gimron Founder

    Im interested in joining Colossus.
    Is the ts active?
    which server is it on?
  5. Thornbrier Trailblazer

    I've never seen less than three people talking in there when I've been on, a fair bit more during the streams. I believe everyone in the guild has invite permissions at the moment, so anyone with <Colossus> (such as myself, same name in game) can invite you to the guild. If you visit anything where Tenma is streaming you are likely to find other Colossus members. I am hesitant to place to TS information here until I speak with Tenma about it, and that might be a while with how busy he is at SOE Live at the moment.
  6. Gimron Founder

    I understand that you can't and shouldn't post TS infor here. ill try to catch you or any other Colossus member in game
  7. Prafit New Member

    can someone drop me an invite please? -prafit
  8. SmokinProphet Trailblazer

    id love to join i saw a few of you the other day in game for a sec you taught me to wave lol thx. just got my legendary pick
  9. Karrane Trailblazer

    You guys can /tell to Karrane ingame.. I will be happy to invite you to our guild.

    :).. Karr
  10. kujal Trailblazer

    Can I get an invite?
  11. Karrane Trailblazer

    Is your ingame name Kujal? I will send out the invite when I find out =)

    EDIT.. if you guys havent found someone to invite you, Please put your ingame names here and I will make sure it gets done ... :)
  12. Rhapsody Founder

    Could I get an invite also? IGN: Rhapsody
  13. Karrane Trailblazer

    Ok.. invites sent to names I have.

    If I have miss you, please send Karrane and ingame mail with your ingame name ))

    Or hit any member online that you see. Anyone can invite )

  14. Yakko Trailblazer

    I'd love to join your guild and I hope to learn how to become a better builder
  15. Karrane Trailblazer

    I will send an invite when I log in this morning Yakko . =)

  16. Karrane Trailblazer

    I hope I have caught everyone now. If I missed you, please let me know.. here or ingame mail.

  17. TumLux New Member

    What timezone do you guys play in??
  18. TumLux New Member

    Thanks for invite :D
  19. Weisses Trailblazer

    May you please invite Viesis to the guild?
  20. Midnight Karelia Trailblazer

    Sounds like a savvy guild concept - I'd love to join. Please message me here on forums with application info. Thanks!