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    New 7/28 features and props are going to keep tinker's busy for a while.

  2. WhiskyJack Trailblazer

    Update to wall destruction project.

    Copy and pasted destruction modules in wall. Each module has 8-10 small damage areas linked to a single button. Triggered by catapults and timed by Random Node triggers to each module . Once big enough enough hole is created in wall, Enemy NPC.s storm wall and invade keep. Other trigger events reverse destruction and build wall back up.

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    This looks very good
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    Thanks bugs,

    The block destruction feature definitely opens up a lot of ideas.

    A few things to considers when working with destructing areas

    - Once an area has been placed, tweaking it will break it. Don't tweak placed areas unless your prepared to relog and fight to delete it and its ghost.

    - Groups of destruction areas can be templated. Make sure the copy selection overlaps all areas

    - If a placed template or copy is rotated, all areas will stop working.

    - You can overlap Areas but triggering them will randomize between areas overlapping. This is ok for exploding walls but maybe not for other things.

    - Heal process does not completely heal (i thought it was at first. complete heal occurs after resetting build) . I like this effect. It leaves things with a more natural look while in play.

    - For a more natural look of destruction(using areas). Setup up multiple small odd shape areas at varying depths within material.
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    All very good advice, WhiskyJack. Thanks for sharing - a lot of the kind of things that are nly obvious to me once someone shows me.
    It was only a sort of messing around experiment, but ...

    Yesterday where a few of us were working together I turned around to see what they were chatting about and watched a TARDIS going in & out of existence with emitters swirling around it as it disappeared.
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