About wipes in Closed Beta

Discussion in 'Update Notes and Developer Discussion' started by Smokejumper, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Smokejumper Developer

    Yes. There will be wipes.

    No sugar coating here. There are elements we are adding to the game that will absolutely require wipes.

    Currently, we are hoping that we will only be doing *claim* wipes, not character progression wipes, but we have to reserve judgement on that because data changes could require one.

    But when we add Water and Caves (hopefully on the same day so we only wipe once), then that will absolutely require a refactoring of the islands.

    There is no ETA for that wipe. Don't fear it. Everything will be templated and you'll be able to put your claim back down again after the wipe. You'll just have to pick a new spot when it occurs.
  2. Karrane Trailblazer

    Thanks Smoke =)
  3. Satruses Founder

    Thanks for the heads up! :cool:
  4. MrVic Founder

    It need to happen with those changes coming that is for sure. Its part of life, really resetting claims is easy and refreshing at times. Losing claims is part of life and minor.

    We will survive!
  5. Renalynn Trailblazer

    I already knew it was coming when you guys announced caves wouldn't be in on wed.

    I mentally prepared myself for this announcement so i am a-ok ^^ Thanks for the official statement even though i kinda knew it was coming. Will help squish some of the fears people have been voicing on the forums the past couple days.
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  6. sixer Founder

  7. SilverOak Trailblazer

    Thanks Smokejumper! :)
  8. Milan Trailblazer

    Thanks for the openness.....it is as suspected and understood.

    Will lava be implemented at the same time as water i.e. all fluids or does it behave different and form part of the cave addition? I guess if both are implemented at the same time its irrelevant but I just wondered ;-)

  9. Dygz Trailblazer

    "just" have to pick a new spot.
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  10. Merliben Trailblazer

    ... but we'll be so happy to have caves that it WILL NOT MATTER AT ALL!!!

    Caves and combat can't get here fast enough.
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  11. Lionessa Trailblazer

    Looking forward to it, each wipe means we are getting closer to a complete game, and that's going to be fun.
  12. Halfpint503 Founder

    Thanks for the info! It is beta after all, so being flexible is part of the experience.
  13. Xetox Founder

    Great! Thanx for info :)
  14. Adjorr Trailblazer

    will you lose gathered resources to beta wipes?
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  15. Timot Founder

    uhhh Couldn't post this anywhere else due to the alpha servers being read only but I don't want to forget it, off topic but oh well!

    In-Game Calendar?
    Hello again peoples!

    Not sure if they planned on introducing a calendar, but I think it would be a great tool for enriching the community and the overall Landmark experience! To be able to add individual events, to be able to share events, and maybe the ability to create omni events perhaps if a certain level is reached. This will add greatly to the later phases as many things will have been built and there will be more free time for other stuff.
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  16. Gander Trailblazer

    don't think the wipes will 'phase' us that much :cool:
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  17. Kyllien TrailSeeker Trailblazer

    Hopefully we get the larger/joined islands at the same time as water and caves.
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  18. Bishop Trailblazer

    Not gonna lie, kinda looking forward to starting from scratch again. So no complaints here if it all gets deep sixed
  19. Estred Founder

    Thanks for the heads up. If possible please do a Game Wide message before you shut down the servers so we may template/update templates before Claim Wipes.
  20. Zeoni Trailblazer

    Thanks and can't wait for Caves,Water and Lava.