[Event] 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

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  1. Phierce Trailblazer

    I will do my best to place each carving in a way that it does not disturb the carvings along side of it. I hate to put to many limits on what you can use in your build, This event is about being creative and having fun. To many restrictions tends to kill the fun. Use whatever emitters you like, but do your best to contain them within the space.

    Thank you,
  2. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    I tried messing with the small fog and also with the jungle mist - not sure I like what does to my other effects. :D good to know anyway.
  3. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    Another question: using some "expensive" mats - lumicite, etherium, moonstone, etc. Not fair to ask you to bear the cost of all that. How do you want to handle it?
  4. Phierce Trailblazer

    Well CoyoteDancer thank you for thinking about me and the mats but each year I plan for this and stockpile mats. If I need more I can always get them. So I thank you for the offer but I always take it onto myself to provide the mats required to place the template on my Pumpkin Patch. It is very kind of you to offer though.
  5. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    Blame my grandma - her fault I was raised to be polite :D
  6. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    Not sure if you saw this thread or not? Anyway, got something satisfactory working. Sending you an in-game mail with the template. I've tested the trigger on a couple different sites (2 on this account, 1 on another). Seems to work fine. None the less, definitely want to be around when you place it - for one last test. My schedule is pretty wide open & flexible.

    Edit - I may have missed it, but is there a naming requirement (like including our names as part of template name)?
  7. Phierce Trailblazer

    I will be on most of tonight and in the evening tomorrow. I will place it once you are on.
  8. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    Thank you so much for being patient with a nervous builder. :)
  9. Helie Trailblazer

    as last year will try to know exactly ( if I can correctly saw that in my template thing) to send you the mats and props I used, because for me you spend so much time for the players' pleasure: that seems impossible to let you spend your own mats ;) but not before friday cause I'm a little bit late ;)
    and an other time : THX for your brain storming and time used creating this event as well as Courage Crew and Eternal Destiny for their !!!
  10. Phierce Trailblazer

    Thank you Helie for the offer but I have everything I need to place the templates. Part of my process for putting this event on is to load up on mats. So as much as it means to me that you offer the mats I request that you keep them for yourself.

    As for the time I spend putting this event on I have just as much fun running this event as all of you do carving the pumpkins. I am just glad that each year so many of you want to take part in the PCC. SO I guess what I am saying is Thank you Everyone for making Landmark as much fun as it is for me.
  11. loremaster Founder

    is the game still off line or is my launcher messing up :(
  12. Phierce Trailblazer

    Sorry loremaster, I do not know. I am not in-game right now I was just checking the forums.
  13. loremaster Founder

    lol ok just wanted to know its been off at 6 am my time and its almost 3 pm just wanted to make sure its not my game launcher thanks
  14. Mysstie Founder

    Did it the 1st year and missed the 2nd. Just now saw the thread (yeah, I'm not exactly playing a whole lot lately, been in EQ2 more and just didn't want to deal with some of the bugs). Guess I have 5 days to figure something out. Once the servers come online I'll pick a template up.
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  15. Phierce Trailblazer

    Make sure you search for Phierce and go to the Pumpkin Farm to make your template Mysstie.
  16. McNerdofWar Founder

    Here is the Pumpkin Carving video! Join in on the fun! :-3
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  17. McNerdofWar Founder

    Halloween Event Trailer! Hope you all like it! Giving credit where it's do here, I mentioned the Pumpkin Carving Event so I'm posting it here too :)
  18. Phierce Trailblazer

    ***** PCC PRIZE POOL UPDATE *****

    Thanks to the wonderful Landmark development team at DBG, I have been given some codes for in-game goodies. Adding to the normal prize pool of DBG Cash and Steam gift card codes I am able to add codes for the new Samurai Hat, Green Skeleton Suit and some glass platforms. Now that I have all the prizes I will give you all the breakdown. Keep in mind if you have one of the in-game items already you can trade them or use the codes on another account.

    The big winners are going to be the children with $5 per carving but that doesn't mean that the prizes that I normally give out will be reduced in any way. In fact they are even better thanks to the in-game item codes. Anyways here is a list of the prizes.

    As in the past there are 3 categories and there will be up to 5 winners in each category and one Best-In-Show winner.

    5th Place - one $25 DBG Cash card code plus a Glass Platform code
    4th Place - one $25 DBG Cash card code plus a Samurai Hat code
    3rd Place - one $25 DBG Cash card code, one $20 Steam card plus a Green Skeleton Suit code
    2nd Place - one $25 DBG Cash card code, one $50 Steam card plus a Samurai Hat code and a Green Skeleton Suit code
    1st Place - two $25 DBG Cash card code, one $50 Steam card plus a Samurai Hat code and a Green Skeleton Suit code
    Best-In-Show - two $25 DBG Cash card code, one $100 Steam card plus a Samurai Hat code, a Green Skeleton Suit code and a Glass Platform code

    As always Best-In-Show can be any carving from any of the 3 category but will only win one prize. You can not win Best-In-Show and first in a single category.

    At the time of this update there is still just over 72 hours to finish a carving and enter the contest.
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  19. Helie Trailblazer

    waooh, so great all those prices and involvement :)
  20. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    Will you consider extending the deadline a little bit? This morning's server unavailability affects a lot of carvers.
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