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    WHY SHOULD US PLAYERS KEEP ON SUPPORTING A DEAD GAME WHEN THE DEV TEAM DONT GIVE TWO ***** ABOUT US... There is a couple days left of season 6 and we don’t got 1 bit of information on upcoming season or future and have ads for season 5 up on the site LOL. I legit don’t get it you give us this brutal out lands map and remove the only thing this game had going for itself(z2) then leave us high and dry and ignore us. This is embarrassing and a piss off trust me..
    It amazes me the lack of communication and care you have for this game or community. Why do I even come back to these forums hoping to see something new. It’s been months RIP DAYBREAK HOPEFULLY SEASON 7 doesn’t even come at this point and you take this as a loss and remove the game from ps4 platform. You guys won’t stand a chance with new br cod map coming out. RIP