who the hell came up with these weekly challenges?!?!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cole_MacGraft, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Cole_MacGraft Member

    ride in a truck with an rpg? how can i tell if im 100m away when im sniping someone. do 300 damage in a zone that pretty much do one goes too unless its the last zone. just what? challenges should be based on skill not random rng crap.

    challenges like, get 4 headshots with the AR15, emp 7 cars. finish a match with 5+ kills, get 4 kills without getting into a car, get 2 hellfire kills shortly after you emp a car. win match without a gold crate weapon, reach top 20 only holding green weapons, get 7 kills without a backpack, emote over 5 players loot bags, get 3 kills from the passenger seat of a car, complete 5 matches with at least 5 kills.

    all of these are just off the top of my head and have nothing to do with running over street sighs kill 3 ppl in zone A10, BREAK 99 CHAIRS!!!!! yes that is a real challenge! Come on!
  2. Carmen696 Member

    Thats why I gave up on them as so many of them are not skill based at all. its just time consuming and boring.

    Do this and that in that area or sector. Come on Daybreak
  3. RuTH0X Member

    I personally like those "dumb" challenges.. Killed a guy that was breaking windows in town, I was like.. wtf is he doing? Until I saw him and understood... and killed him..

    You don't need to do the challenges, they are "Challenges".. it touches every players.. Winning a match took me 4 (or 5) months.. Having only these kind of challenge would be impossible for a bunch of players imo...

    But I have to admit, you proposed some nice challenges..

  4. TyrellCorp New Member

    The truck and rpg one is a bit odd.. some of the others are goofy and I like them.. I don't want to play sweaty all the time, so doing some different things that I normally wouldn't do is fun.. the window challenges are good because it makes people reveal their locations and creates more gun fights
  5. RuTH0X Member

    Yeah the RPG driving a pickup seems buggy so far, it writes 188 / 2000 but I am SURE I did WAY more than 188, I think it misses a number at the 188? / 2000, Ill know next time I get an RPG..
  6. AlhpaBravos Member

    Majority of challenges are a joke (destroy windows, signposts, use bandage in sector F10,etc). No thought was put into them and are mainly there to just meet a number requirement or appear varied. I wasted so much time trying to complete them and in some instances i never spawn over an area where your supposed to complete them. Im then forced to reset the challenge delaying my progress in battle tiers. Im pretty sure that im 10 tieres behind where i should be at this point. And let me not go into the idiocy of forcing you to complete challenges in modes (duo,fives) that you never play. I literally abandon my team just to finish a challenge so i can get back to solos. I mean what the hell daybreak!

    And worst of all, my stats in leader-boards took big hits because i kept dieing before i could complete them or certain that one about not using riffles and shotguns until top 30 is bugged out. Sorry but i could go and on about these issues and how each one makes you start to lose interest in the game.

    Heres some simple advice. Keep the challenges relevant to what h1z1 is all about. And that is killing. SO stuff related to the weapons, throw-ables and vehicles. Last and just as important, give players the choice to restrict challenges to their preferred mode of play such as only solo or only fives. Stop forcing users to enter into game modes that they cant stand such as FFA. Its just astonishing that lay people have to explain this to developers of their own game!
  7. TyrellCorp New Member

    I thought the top 30 without rifles/shotguns was bugged too, but it is not.. it's not well explained.. you have to make top 30 and NOT pick up a rifle or shotgun the ENTIRE game until you die or win.. i was waiting until top 30 and then picking a rifle up but it never worked.. then I played an entire game and only picked up the hellfire and CNQ and the challenge was completed correctly

    That's not to say some are not bugged like the spend 450 credits.. it should be accumulative and it is not.. I think it was meant to say spend 450 on ONE item.. again, a challenge that was not well explained and now I'm stuck forever on 315 because that's what I spent on one item even after buying numerous others afterwards
  8. AlhpaBravos Member

    Thanks for the suggestion but i tried variations on that challenge such as just picking up a pistol and intentionally dieing around top 25. And to no avail.