when are you guys planning on releasing the new map

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lolbeast56, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. lolbeast56 New Member

    for those who don't know they confirmed a new map on twiiter we just want info now we hate waiting
  2. AlhpaBravos Member

    That wont happen until season 4 imo. I would put it out of your mind for season 3.
  3. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Alhpa's correct - we're working on a new map but haven't committed to a release date yet. Scoping out work for Season 4. I'm hoping to have more info on that to share with you guys in the next few weeks (post S3 launch)
  4. lolbeast56 New Member

    when are you guys planning to release cummunity updates and the bug fixes and could i ask for fov options people hat seeing have thier chrecter we get pants for a reason lol please give us info
  5. gjp3333 New Member

    Don't expect a reply from devs if you write something that makes zero sense.
  6. BattleSpoyaled New Member

    First, please make sure the team knows how grateful I am you guys are willing to stick with the original PC vision, by adding additional maps into H1Z1. As opposed to only updating Z2's POI's (which I guess you already did throughout 2017 on PC). But being more in line with the likes of PUBG/Apex, and not Fortnite/Blackout, whom are adamant upon limiting their maps to one. Its welcomed variety that I am very much so looking forward to!

    That said, are you able to confirm if this map in development is in fact the Map dubbed "Outbreak", which was released on PC last June? Or an entirely different map? I have a feeling it's Outbreak, which I've always longed to have on PS4. If it's a brand new map, that's also going to be incredible, if not more! Again, the fact that you guys are expanding the game with new maps in the first place is tremendous. And I'm pleased PS4 has the community to support multiple maps!
  7. Miniker Member

    Outbreak it bad idea because no need adding old elements from version on steam but as in new fresh version.
  8. BIPOLAR314 New Member

    Why would they release a new map when you don't have enough active players as it is.