What are the purpose of Frags

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slaynk, Feb 20, 2019.

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    The blast radius for frags has to be non-existent. Can we review this for season 3?? There pointless to use right now just get you shot or potentially two-tapped trying to take the time to throw them...You can barely get any distance behind throwables as it is......

    Just the other day i had put down 2 shots on a guy and just happened to have a frag...he was behind a tree and i immediately chucked the frag it landed in front of the tree and rolled to the back almost directly on top of the player---slightly to his right my left. Exploded right on him i started running towards him assuming he was dead with the perfectly placed frag then he peaks the tree and ends me with an ak. Has situations like this all the time...you can literally place a frag on a player and they will survive 9 times out of 10. Explosion damage in this game in general in terrible. Today i was head glitxhing the police car in a 1v1 match for a win and the player who i was going against was royalty im master. I spent a majority of the beginning trying to heal up ebcause i had just won a shotgun battle with the 3rd player remaining prior. While i was healing this guy was putting aks, and magnums on my car constantly...my dummy a** not paying any attention got up and continued to peak the car..He almost two tapped me then when i crouched back to put on the helmet the cop car exploded...I was literally directly behind the car and didnt die...i took maybe 35-40 dmg...the car blew up right on top of me and i survived...Explosive dmg is pointless.frags are pointless.

    The frag did about 20 dmg.

    Maybe we need to increase the dmg on these puppies. for now there pointless.
  2. slaynk New Member

    i would say fix the frag dmg first now that i think about it increasing the explosive radius for them wouldnt really do anything because there so weak.
  3. stevey66 Member

    Would not generally agree - I have a lot of kills with frag grenades - mainly their purpose is to shift the guy from behind cover - one would expect the person to always move - so really shouldn't be killed by a frag - its especially good for instant car wreckage when someone is crouching behind car - I think the blast radius is fair given the defender needs to be able to run to safe spot - the radius of the EMP crossbow is too generous though
  4. AlhpaBravos Member

    I considered myself a seasoned h1z1 player and see no issues with frag radius. If you throw a grenade and it misses or doesnt kill you target, its because they still have enough cover whether it be a tree or rock. Emp Blast radius on crossbow needs to be at that range so as to take out vehicles in distance. The further an arrow travels in the air, the larger its impact radius should be...
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    Nothing wrong with frags. Quit moaning and get better