Way to go H1 dumb*ss

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    So instead of keeping this game competitive, you made it worse without fixing any of the existing issues? Why in season 5 now, are people still blue screening, and or falling threw the map? Taking all the sound from the vehicals when we cut the engine..? Not being able to pick up items that are right there infront of us.. Instead lets add 3rd party for the scrubs whom couldn't get a kill before, lets make the map smaller and drop people right on top of eachother, take all the guns out of the military creates so there is really no point in looking for those anymore. You guys started with a really nice competitive game, and have done what Call of Duty has done to their franchise.
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    Any one whose knows their history with daybreak is that releases are always late and always bugged out. More so at the start of a season. Its left to all the guinea pigs to report back in their spare time and without payment and hope for the best. Daybreak should have their own inhouse bug testers but why bother when 16 year old kids who dont know any better can do the work for them.

    I jumped in season 5 to check out the new map and 3rd person ads. I was immediately horrified by the garish color scheme as i parachuted in. I havent even been around since end of season 3 and was still able to win two games consecutively with a weapon i never use. It was the standard ar-15 assault and i had no problem dispatching 10+ people.

    Player also feels more floaty than i remember so it took a few games to adjust. Again, i am dissapointed that daybreak have yet again dumbed down the game by removing FALL DAMAGE!
    WTH! It is beyond a joke that a once great game has continued down this direction of removing any challenge from h1z1. And is literally holding the hand of all its players and removing any sense of skill and personal satisfaction.

    Where once you had a gritty military style shooter, we now have a battle royale game that is becoming more of a light arcade experience for children. This is about as much as i care to discuss this issue.

    All i know from history with other games that went down this route is that they didnt really survive long (e.g paragon) or whose players base is almost nonexistence e.g killing floor 2
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    I know this is a DP but so important. Whenever you try to appeal to a mass general audience, your product goes from something special and unique to the exact opposite which is a bland mediocre mess with nothing to say about the genre or push it forward for others to enjoy and follow.
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    Yea im not sure who they are listening to, for the tweeking of this game, but those people need to be fired!
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    Id love to meet and talk with H1 producers... It would be really interesting to know why they hate the game they work for. No creativity just try and put things inhere from some other games and hope people like it?
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    And the shot guns!!! I mean really from 50 yards away and people still getting full damage??
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