Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by yamenjs, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. yamenjs New Member

    sometimes when the zone in the city some players enter into a wall of a building and guess what, they can see and shoot and u can't do anything!!! This glitch is veeery annoying hope from u to fix this
  2. NoTourist93 New Member

    Yeah someone killed me using the wall glitch as well. I ran out of the back of one of the shops and all of a sudden bullets start hitting me but i couldn't see anyone in the alleyway and then i died. When i started watching the spectate screen the guy was inside one of the buildings that you can't enter and he could see every direction and he could shoot through the walls. Luckily he never won the match, he got killed instantly after he left the glitched building.

    I do have footage of it but i haven't uploaded it yet or shared it with daybreak, so i need to do that soon.

    I have seen 1 or 2 other bits of footage online of people who also got killed by these cheaters and one thing i noticed is that in every bit of footage (including mine) there is a quad bike laying vertical against one of the blocked off doors on the inaccessible buildings. So I'm guessing they drive towards the door and when the quad flips upwards they jump of and they glitch through the door.

    Something similar happened to me in the pre game lobby. I was driving a quad up the sloped metal fence to try and land on the roof of the white cabin but my quad never made it and flipped forward and the game booted me of the quad and my character glitched through the wall of the cabin.