Treat Crates Rigged ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stevey66, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. stevey66 Member

    Guys/ Devs,
    What is the breakdown of Treat Crate rewards ?

    News update says - each Treat Crate will have either

    1 10 Credits
    2 100 Credits
    3 Locked Random Crate
    4 Dead Men's Crate

    So far - have unlocked 37 treat crates - EVERY SINGLE ONE is 10 credits - pathetic

    I only want running man emote - somebody tell me if this is rigged and I am wasting my time

    Why promote an event without giving the chances of each of the 4 ?

    Thanks as always Daybreak
  2. Cole_MacGraft Member

    well last year when the the green bone skin was the prize all you had to do was unlock 10 mask and it wasnt suppose to have dups or atleast less chances of getting them i had to open 110 crates to finally get all ten masks i think i got it around 75-80 and when i bought the crates i only needed 2 masks. so i would say its a pipe dream unless you wanna dump in alot of cash or grind night and day til you get what you want.

    whatever is the prize that is the cheapest or worthless is what you will get the most off sorry to say.
  3. Menacemastrz Member

    Pretty much the same as the last Halloween event. So far I’ve played maybe 5 matches got about 5-9 treat boxes per match 3 crates. Got a pirate hat, mummy helm, and a slay crate that I can buy. Not rigged just the same ol stuff.