TOP 5 character displays for Battle Royale Please!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Menacemastrz, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Menacemastrz Member

    This post is just a request to have a top 5 character display in battle royale like it is in free for all. I really think it would be a great addition, and awesome incentive to keep players who get top spots and don’t neccesarily get the king of the kill to get some recognition for Surviving to the end, I love looking at my character skin and the others when I get top 5 on free for all. Solos it would be easy and fives cause you could just display the team that won. Duos I suppose the same as fives or top two teams. The costume combinations are awesome and definitely catchy. Anyone agree please leave a response.
    Thanks Daybreak hats off to the crew for putting together a absolute masterpiece!!!

    Please new map when you get a chance love love love the game!
  2. Jcon115 Member

    Cool idea.
  3. Menacemastrz Member

    . In the post it’s says how fives would work by just showing the last team who won which is five people. They already have it incorporated in free for all so it should be is a swap to battleroyale. It’s already there. If it was in the game I’m sure it would be a sweet addition for those who make it to the end. Getting top 5 in free for all (only played a handful of times btw) it’s pretty cool to see your character. Make top 5 in free for all and tell me you don’t wait to see your self in that podium. Take it easy mech
    And thanks for the respond.
  4. Menacemastrz Member

    Thanks j con.
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    Lol ! Yeah that’s true, and whenever I get a win it happens so quickly most the time I can’t even see who I was going up against. Be a cool way to see stats on others too.