Top 10 Matches vs Ranked Leaderboard

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    This message is for @jgolenbo regarding the late Season 2 introduction of Top 10 Matches in Solo's to determine tier ranking, versus the current Ranked Leaderboard System implemented into Season 3.

    I was just wondering if you could tell us why the development team implemented Top 10 Matches in S2, but later threw out the idea and went with the new Ranked Leaderboard instead in S3?

    Also, could we expect the return or official introduction of Top 10 Matches again in S4?


    On a more personal note, I had very high hopes for S3, and was thoroughly excited that Daybreak was hinting at implementing a Top 10 Matches tier ranking system near the end of S2. I believe that most of the community had the impression that Daybreak was testing out the system in Solo's, and would release the new Tier Ranking system in S3 across all modes.

    I don't dislike the new Ranked Leaderboard, but yet, I still feel very let down as I was hoping for the old/similar PC tier ranking system, based upon your Top 10 Matches.

    I feel that the Top 10 Matches tier ranking system was one of the best ranking systems' to ever exist. The most simple, yet balanced and evident system to determine ones true rank.

    I also strongly feel that not just the more dedicated players who log tons of hours into the game, but the casual players would appreciate this system just as much. As it would motivate players to play more, as it's a goal worth achieving, even if its not the best score in the world, its still worth visually seeing that you have beat your personal best score.

    **This is not a rant**

    I was just hoping to get an understanding as to why Daybreak went with Ranked Leaderboards vs Top 10 Matches.


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    Just to be clear, I don't think the Ranked Leaderboard system is bad, it is good for the statistics of it.

    However, I don't really find it to be very fitting for the tier rank itself. Obviously, as you suggested before, it's not based upon a skill level, its counted towards the amount of time you put into the game.

    ^ This is especially true on Solo's, where you do not get any extra bonus points for kills & assist. I play on the NA Server, and I am not going to mention this persons PSN but the last I saw they had over 2,000+ matches, ranked in the top 10 on Solo's with a 2% Win Ratio, and Kill Average of 0.669 (last I remember). I just don't know if statistics like this should determine your tier rank.

    There are players like TacticTV who also play a decent amount of matches, but also have nearly 50% Win Ratio, 75% Top 10, but also only average 4-5 Kill Averages. I personally do not care for that type of play style, but I am not going to discredit it, as if it is lesser than how I play which is for high kill wins. I think it is impressive that TacticTV can play so many solo matches, and live to see the Top 10 almost every single match he plays. He plays very cautiously, and rarely makes the mistake of over pushing, leaving cover and forcing fights. It does however reflect on his kill average which is low, especially for how far he makes it in each game.

    I enjoy playing for high kill wins. I think that getting high kill games require a lot of skill, but if you don't win the game, is it really worth talking about? If I had a 30 kill game, but lost, I would feel like it was a lost opportunity, because I couldn't finish the game out with a win. Those games aren't exactly worth acknowledging in my opinion.

    However, I am very ok with failing to win a game because I was trying my best to get as many kills as I possibly could. I have my own personal standards, as many other players who have the same play style as me, where I am not satisfied with winning a match with 10 Kills or less. I would feel like I just wasted nearly 20 minutes running around, watching others fight and avoid any type of conflict until I had no other choice but to fight back.

    Again, I do not feel that either style is lesser than each other. But, the system we have currently is favoring Win's & Top 10 placements only in Solo's. I find it pretty unfair that players who do play to get kills, are not rewarded in any way.

    I think there could be a system similar to the Top 10 Matches Tier Ranking System that could allow both play styles, such as players who have high kill wins, but less win percentage, and also, players who have low kill wins, with higher win percentage at the same level of tier depending on score.

    "People are really thinking they are playing on H1 PC but they should go and try it first , so they will understand that it's not about slaying bots like on PS4 , so they can get they feets back on earth , of course im not saying that for you OP , im just saying that it would be too easy to play ten games and then that's it you're done with it . "

    ^ I am not exactly sure I understand completely what you are trying to say here. But, I will try to answer the best I can. I have played PC H1Z1 for a couple years, but once the lobby sizes started to die, I left the game. I last consistently played in 2016-2017, when the game was still filling lobbies at nearly 140 players each match. I was not very good at playing on PC, and reached a tier rank of platinum III as my highest rank. I would consider myself more of a casual player on there, and very unfamiliar with mouse & keyboard, but good enough to what I was doing for the most part. I think it's unreasonable to believe that there are simply no bots on PC, compared to PS4. Also, they had a similar player base on PC as we do on PS4. A lot of the players on PC, did go for high kill games, and wins weren't a thing that people took to seriously, but they still had people who wanted to win games versus getting high kill games. If you look at nearly every single entertainer/streamer, you would see them going for high kill games versus wins, because its more entertaining and fun to them, and thats what the viewers wanted to see, and found more skillful.

    Also, you don't just play 10 matches, and receive a placement and thats what you're stuck with for the rest of the season. You are playing to beat your top 10 scores, which in result determine your tier level.

    Moving forward, and so I don't make a novel out of this one post, I think Skill Based Match Making would be great, based upon the tier you are with in, but we simply don't have the numbers for that on PS4, and even PC didn't have that strict of a playing field. If you were royalty, you would still often match with new unranked players, as well as many other tiers in between.

    Yes, I have noticed the numbers starting to drop off as Season 3 comes to an end. However, I am still seeing full lobbies the majority of the day, and only start noticing a drop off in numbers around 3:00 AM - 7:00 AM EST, which honestly, is to be expected and not too surprising. But, I know for a fact that the EU server is experiencing much less numbers. That's why I encourage you all to play on the NA Server, especially if you want consistent full lobbies.

    And, as for the poll on reddit, it wasn't me who made it. I'm not on reddit often, and not really sure which one you are referring too. Unless, you mean the one I made in the H1Z1 Tweet last month about removing the combat shotgun. LOL